Character Profile | Ghazala Rasheed ZamaaN | Jasoosi Duniya | Ibn-e-Safi

Ghazala Rasheed ZamaaN is a princess, who was blackmailed by Leonard for her alleged affair with her private secretary. When she received threats from Leonard, she seeks help from Faridi.

She’s daughter of Nawab Rasheed-ul-Zaman, and has heard about Faridi from Nawab Wajahat Mirza and Doctor Shaukat, from Daler Mujrim.

She first made her appearance in Faridi aur Leonard. She is very beautiful and elegant and takes a liking for Faridi the first time they meet. The, in Pur Asrar Kuwan, we see Faridi trying to pay compliments to her. He is obviously attracted to her, but can’t seem to know how to woo a woman.

In later stories, she is shows as Faridi’s lady love, until Safi realized that it ain’t working.


Faridi aur Leonard

Pur Asrar KuwaN

Masnooyi Naak

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    She also appears in #33 barf bhoot…