Book Review: Alif – Episode #2 (By Umera Ahmed)

The second episode reveals some more characters. It reveals some relationships amongst them. And no, I’m not mentioning those here. Read for yourself 🙂

It generates further curiosity. The tracks will converge soon, based on the first two episodes. The calligraphy link is already established.

This novel is sounding like Mann-o-Salwa. The setting and the characters are too similar. I don’t remember but the said book starts with three most powerful men of the industry and one of them being a successful director. Momin seems like a replica.

The second episode confirmed that the young boy who wrote letters to Allah was indeed Qalb-e-Momin. Momin and Momina – looking forward to know their stories.

I’m waiting for the time when this one will sound different.

And here is the link to read it online.

Happy reading!