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Aleezah Hassan

The spoilt brat, our heroine

Bashaar Muneer

Our hero


Bangalore (India) and Rome (Italy)

Plot Summary & My Commentary

Aleezah lives with her grandpa when her parents die in an accident. She is a rotten kid (what else is new). She is on her way back to home and gets lost in jungle and runs into a guy. This guy is rude, very rude. Arrogance should be his middle name.

They spend a day or two together, constantly bickering. Aleezah tries to boss him around, as is his nature and he doesn’t give a damn, because he’s the hero.

Needless to say, that she arrives back home safe and sound. Her grandpa is all worried and decides to send her to Rome for studies.

Muneer Rabbani and his wife welcome her into their household with open arms but some people are not happy. Bashar, their son, is the same fellow who she met in jungle, ahem.

After unnecessary twists, they live happily ever after.

The main conflict in this story Allezah’s manners. The whole story centers around the fact that since she was raised without a mother, she is ill mannered and the entire family coaches her to be the good girl that she has the potential of becoming.

Spoiler: Her mother is not dead but is the second wife of Muneer Rabbani. Bah!


I have to mention one observation. To be honest, that’s the reason I read this story in first place.

My sister told me that there is one story by Sohail Khan which seems lifted from a Farhat Ishtiaque novel Wo Ik Aisa Shajar Ho. Please read my review of the same here.

Indeed, upon reading both, I found out that there are uncanny resemblences in the opening scene which is set in the jungle. Whoever wrote the scene wins my accolades… I am not blaming that it is plagiarism. Perhaps both authors have very similar thought process. They are both romance authors. Their inspirations could be similar. Just saying!

Alright, that’s my review. Thanks for stopping by.


Happy reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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