Book Review | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed | Episode 2

Umera Ahmed is back with another story. Umera’s last outing was Alif–A memorable novel and a remarkable drama. So, I’m excited to read this one.

Meet the Characters | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed

Episode 1 | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed

Plot Summary

The second episode of Daana Paani sheds some more light on the one-sided hatred of Tajwar towards Gaamu Mashki, Allah Wasaii and Motiya.

We learn that Motiya is pursuing her medicine’s degree. Just like her father, she’s popular in the village as she distributes free medicines and treats people. Even though she’s just a student, she is never wrong in her diagnosis. It doesn surprise me. This is the heroine. Of course she’ll be good at what she does.

That’s not all.

Out heroine also has a recurring dream about a guy, a handsome guy, and the dream also involves a snake. Ahem!


The episode ends as Motiya sees a snake approaching Murad, just as she has dreamt several times.

Haw? Would this snake bite Murad? Of course not. He’s the hero. If he’s to die, the story will end right away. If he’s to die, Umera will kill him toward the end.


I don’t know why but Motiya and Murad give me a very Aks vibe. Umera Ahmed has written many novels and stories, and Aks is my least favourite of them all. That’s my not so humble and not so popular opinion, you could say. Aks Fatima Murad Ali and Aibak Sherdil were quite similar to Motiya and Murad –crazily, truly, madly, deeply, stupidly in love with each other.

This intensity doesn’t go down well for me. I mean… they are insane, and it doesn’t happen IRL, but then…

All said and done, I’m intrigued to read the third episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar