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It wa only yesterday that I logged into my Goodreads account, I do that once in a month or so to check for comments or messages. Someone had liked my review: Book Review: Aisa Kabhi Nahin Hota by Umera Ahmed 

I read what I had writtem and then re-read the. The e story and the review, both were fun to read. And, today I’m back to reviewing another story by Umera Ahmed. I’m afraid I don’t have the same sentiments for this one. 

I had two WTF moments last week, one when I watched the second last episode of Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi and Shamsher died, and the second one when I read the latest episode of Daana Paani and Murad died.


What’s going on? 

And then Motiya and Allah Wasai disappear from the village Jhok Jeevan.

At the end of this episode, Umera has penned a short note saying that the story is over.

Seriously? What’s going on? 

I think Umera tried to do some sort of experiment with Daana Paani which failed miserably in my not-so-humble opinion. Other readers may have liked it, but it just wasn’t my cuppa. I am more inclined towards a rom-com story, or a romantic story, or a drama story, or a sane story, something that makes sense. And, this one didn’t, for most of it’s part.

Since I’m in a rant mode right now, I might as well continue.

There are a few things that bothered me and I’m going to summarize it here.

  1. It was far too intense even for Umera.
  2. The narrative sounded more like summary than a novel. 
  3. The sudden intense love story between Murad and motiya is just not palatable. Hazm nahin huyi.
  4. I hated that the story was centred around Tajwar and not the hero or heroine. 
  5. When Gaama Mashki and Allah Wasai started talking kufr in episode 7 and then more in episode 8, I had almost given up on the story. I should have.
  6. The final twist could be seen from miles away when Tajwar got the poison in the first place. We all knew who it would kill.

It was just a mess, much like my head is right now as I haven’t had much sleep much, 4 hours in the past 48 hours. Nothing is bothering me, I just can’t sleep. 

Or maybe this story is bothering me. I really don’t know.



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Shabana Mukhtar