Drama Review | Habs | Episode 33


Habs Episode 33 Written Review & Update

Alright, so the finale is here.



I was so excited that I published the final rant even before watching the final episode. This review is backdated, peeps, because I like sequence.

Zoya meets Amir and apologizes to him. Amir asks her to change herself. He has acted so well in this last episode. I’m glad that Zoya and Amir both have some redemption. Janice looks so pretty weeping on that park bench. Ufff! Maa Sadqay… 

Also, the family moment was sweet. Everyone has appreciated Zoya for once. 


Talal called Bano (buyer’s remorse and all). While Bano listens to Talal, but I am happy that she didn’t let Talal crawl back into her life. Bano was like a Baws lady on that phone call with Talal. Loved her.

And finally Basit and Ayesha meet one last time before Basit leaves the country. And after an emotional and sweet conversation, Ayesha forgives Basit, much as we expected. Basit tells that he wanted a baby girl and has even thought of a name. It was so obvious that he has thought of Sadia.

The scene cuts to three years later (what’s with three year time leap in ARY dramas? The same happened in Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi last episode as well. So, we see a small ceremony where Sadia Basit Salman introduces all the characters.  

The first shot after the three-year-lap is Fahad and Bano, and I was like–I called it in Episode 16 when I predicted that Fahad and Bano might end up together. But Fahad married someone else and… They could have shown Anoushay one more time, no?

Also, I liked the idea of a kid taking over the narrative, but the kid talked so fluently, I’m sure the voiceover was done by a bigger kid. Loved the idea, though.


It was a predictable end but I didn’t mind it much because I was so desperate for this drama to end.

I will talk about two issues, because I also have a full-fledged rant elsewhere.

  1. Ayesha chooses Basit for her baby. She talks about how she wanted to change Basit (why?) And now they he has, she has a problem with that. I mean…
  2. The biggest issue with this episode was how Ayesha kept changing how she addressed Basit. Kabhi tum, kabhi aap, behn make up your mind. 

And, now, it’s over.


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Shabana Mukhtar