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Habs Drama Final Rant

The Most Annoying Heroine Ever

I know, I say that for a lot of heroines, but Ayesha had made her name in this list.

I have a huge problem with this heroine.

For one, she repeatedly says that she is very khuddar, and won’t take help from others. When Zoya runs away with Amir, she takes help from Fahad but not from Basit. Where is that khuddari now? Okay, so she was probably trying to avoid the humiliation if Basit knew what kinda girl Zoya is. But it is alright if Fahad thinks poorly of Ayesha and her family. Basit shouldn’t know what happened, even if it means bringing her own marriage on the cusp of breaking.

Fine, before you jump to Ayesha’s defense, I will admit that she didn’t know how Basit would react. she didn’t know Basit would be so extreme just to find out what’s cooking. My point is points are
… once basit asked her if something is going on, she should have told him.
… once she knew that Basit doesn’t like her hanging out with Fahad, she should have stopped.

Ayesha made a series of wrong decisions, and sulked about them all the time.

And, my goodness has she sulked a lot. A tiny part of this is the character herself who is a rondu ladko whining all the time–my husband thought of divorcing me. Meri toh zindagi hi barbaad ho gayi. And a major part of it is Ushna. She does that a lot. When her character is upset, she makes that face. The problem is, it happened so often in Habs that it has gotten to my nerves. Now, I can’t think of Ushna Shah without this.

In episode 28, Zoya and Qudsiya’s interaction is something like this.

Qudsiya: Maan se tabiyat nahin poochhi. Kitni khudgharz ho.
Zoya: Poori ki poori aap pe gayi hoon.

I want to add here, that Zoya isn’t alone who takes after her mother. Ayesha is just as much Qudsiya’s daughter. They both make wrong decisions and never learn from it.

Bano, oh my darling!

Why wasn’t this story about her? I know such sane people don’t get a drama based on them. We need flawed people (Ayesha) and show their journey as they become better. Why can’t we have a drama with a sensible heroine who has just unfortunate circumstances, and she comes stronger on the other side. Why do we show such roti-dhoti heroines, yaar?


Ushna Shah, Saba Faisal and Musaddeq Malek had quite monotnous roles of Ayesha, Qudsiya and Fahad respectively. Therefore, their performances also seemed monotonous. Basit had some range of expressions, and  Feroze Khan did a fine job. This was first Feroze Khan performance where he didn’t yell in every scene, and that was a respite. Aye Musht-e-Khak and Ishqiya was just so meh just because he kept yelling.

Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s chemistry was perfect, of whatever little we could see. Most of the time we saw them apart, him brooding and she sulking. But, when they were together, I must admit that they make a good couple on screen. 

Ayesha Omer as Soha seemed to be playing an extension of her real self, which I’m not a big fan of. Barring the last episode where she had some redeeming moments, she was just a nuisace for the story, and Ayesha played the role with aplomb. Or, should I say she didn’t have to do much acting.

Hina Rizwi was great as an empathatic phupho, because that is such a rarity in dramas. Janice Tessa did a great job with her rebel, adamant, spoilt little sister role Zoya. She’s so pretty and she made me hate her so much, so it is definitely a job well done.

And now, do some drum rolls as I announce the obvious winner–Dania Anwar as Bano. Bano was the best character-grounded, calm and had some common sense. And, Dania Anwar won my heart in every episode. Aisi hoti hain behnein. Seekho nalayqoN… Oh, wait… I’m the older one, so can’t really take that to heart. And, I can’t say that my older sisters would pay much heed to my cry for being more supportive 😀

So, I’m just saying…

Habs started as one of the best Contract Marriage stories ever and then it deteriorated to an amalgamation of too many subplots, ending up as a Tain Tain Fish.

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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Hey, I saw your message the moment you posted but I was eating dinner, so… I posted the review for the last episode –i had scheduled this post hoping the finale would come on time as usual. but you know how things are. 😀

  2. Pharmchick says:

    Finally commenting bc I was waiting for it to be uploaded to YT- wasnt going to dl an app to watch it lol. The ending was good, matched the beginning about half which made the show such a good watch initially before the fahad then soha drama dragged it and made it as bad as it was.
    Bano truly was the best character.. glad she didnt end up with talal but the final scene made it seem like she ended with fahad, when we know that fahad got married to someone else? Idk that seemed like a plot hole lol. Zoya infuriated me throughout the drama but she did kind of get redeemed in the end.
    That last scene of basit lying in ayeshas lap was so 😍. Overall happy the drama ended happily! See ya!

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