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Khwab Gulab Baney by Mrs Sohail Khan


Alweena Kazim

The beauty queen, our heroine. She is studying fashion designing.

Kazim Khan

Alweena’s father

Rameez Iftekhar 

The snake charmer, our hero


Alweena’s fiance


Rameez’s sister

Dr Adnan

Tarooba’s colleague

Plot Summary & My Commentary

Alweena is filthy rich, as usual. She is engaged to Huzaifa. She is not romantically involved with him but doesn’t hate him, either. Although, Huzaifa turns out to be a coward, something girls hate in their partners. So, that deal is off.

Alweena is studying fashion designing, because she has to carry the legacy and take over her mother’s textile business. Small boutiques etc are for simpletons. Sohail Khan’s heroes and heroines deal in big bucks.

Kazim Khan goes to switzerland for some business work. Of course, he would not want his only daughter to stay alone, so Alweena moves in with Rameez and family.

Rameez and family belong to middle class. Rameez’s father, Iftekhar, was not from a well-off family and Kazim Khan did not want his sister to marry him. That’s one of the conflcits – class difference.

So, Alweena and Rameez are cousins. She is strong headed and bold, a spoilt brat, if you will.

She falls in love with Rameez, expresses her love and almost forces him to marry her, via Rameez’s parents, of course. Rameez ignores her and she feels bad. Then she does a lot of drama for Rukhsati. Long story short, ‘he’ was working hard to provide ‘her’ the lifestyle that she has been used to. Awnnn.


Despite my claim that Sohail Khan gives her characters weird names, the protagonists of this one have quite normal names. Tarooba, for instance, is an unsual name, isn’t it?

The main conflict of the story is a misunderstanding between the couple cuz ‘he’ ignored ‘her’ and she sees him with some other girl, as usual. Other than that, her drama when she barges into his flat announcing that she’ll move in with him was interesting. I mean, I am surprised Rameez could resist the temptation.

Apart from the class difference, there is also a tiny sub-plot about Tarooba’s love interest. Tarooba likes her colleague Dr Adnan and it is our dear heroine who subtly slips it to Rameez that he should agree to their alliance. Browny points to Alweena, ahem!

I don’t understand why authors don’t name all their characters, especially if they have a part to play in the story. Why is Rameez’s mother never named? I mean, she is always referred to as “tumhari phupho”.

Alright, that’s my review. Thanks for stopping by.


Happy reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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