İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 5

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Let’s get started with the review of fifth episode.


Aysegul doesn’t feel good when Can is all mushy for Elif. Our lover boy cannot see anything or anybody except Elif.

The subsequent scene in the hospital is hilarious when Tehsin not only acknowledges Aysegul’s presence but also explains that Elif is a family friend and she should not feel jealous of Elif.

The best scene so far in the series is when Aysegul makes soup for Elif. Tehsin and Ismail are the ones who eat it and their reactions are ticklish.

Aysegul rants about how horrible Can is and Mediha faints.

Murat tells Can that Elif and him have been intimate. Can is infuriated. He vents it out on Aysegul, reminding her that their relationship is based on a contract.

Aysegul spends time with Murat. Can tries to make amends by buying an identical ring.

Efe and Ece break into Aysegul’s house, eat their food and use her laptop. Do they have any shame? Yep, they find about the contract and when Aysegul and Can are back, they try to blackmail to get Can’s manager’s job. Aysegul blackmails in return threatening to complain about them for selling her house. Bravo, girl!


On surface, this is a romantic comedy and I can vouch that both are present in abundance. However, underneath it is a game of egos.

  1. Can proposes to marry Aysegul because Elif humiliates his ego by asking about his feelings for her, in front of the whole gathered crowd.
  2. When Can and Aysegul are married, Elif suddenly finds Can very attractive and finds excuses to call him and meet him, stealing him away from Aysegul. She does this on purpse. The fact that a man so crazy about her has married another woman, does not go down with her.
  3. Murat, the playboy, who has Elif madly in love with him, instead fancies Aysegul because of her inhibited nature. She not only intrigues him, but also challenges him in a way. Later on, he challenges Can that he will steal Aysegul from him. Ego!!!
  4. Despite all the nice deeds by Can, Ayesegul gets hurt everytime she talks with Elif. Elif hurts her ego by passing mean comments.

There were a few things I found hard to stomach.

  1. He is popular and swamped by media and mob but when he is out meeting Murat and Elif, nobody watches them? And why does he drive a convertible?
  2. Ayesegul’s friends? Really? What kind of people are they? And why does Ayesegul continue to meet them?

But overall, very entertaining, so I will keep on watching and reviewing.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar

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