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So, episode 6 is here. For a refresher course, check old episodes. Let’s quickly cover the ground.

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Plot Summary

This episode was all about the past, the time when the stories really started, the time the jadoo tona came into picture.

Maala & Her Family

Maala was once not-so-ambitious about work and wanted to get married and settle down. She hadn’t started working with Zaheer despite his partnership offer.

The family that comes to see her doesn’t like her; not for her family status, but for how she looked. Maala and Hoor-e-Jahan, both were devastated to hear this. Handling rejection isn’t easy. As it turns out, Kabeera Tai wanted to

After the heartbreak, kinda, Maala decides to take up Zaheer’s offer, only to be told that

  1. Zaheer can “hire” her, not partner with her.
  2. To be a partner, she should also invest some finances.

Poor Maala had to settle for a manager’s position instead of partnership.

Morale of the story: Sahi time par sahi faisle karna bahot zaroori hai.

Mahir & Maahi

We also see how and when Mahir and Maahi met.

Maahi is expecting, and travelling alone to US to meet her in-laws and her husband Ibaad. Yes, the priority is in that order. Due to some mixup with her luggage, she is in a soup. Mahir, the kind soul that he is, helps her get a refund from the customer service desk. Later, Maahi has more troubles coming her way. For one, she has not debit/credit card on her so she can’t book another ticket. Secondly, she is not feeling well, and she can’t get in touch with Ibaad.

Mahir Fareed to the rescue again. He takes Maahi into the VIP waiting lounge, treats her well, parts some wisdom and also books a ticket for her.

P.S.: Ibaad couldn’t pick Maahi’s calls because he had an accident.

 Morale of the story: Maahi and Ibaad are indebted to Mahir forever.

Mahir & His Family

Through flashbacks, Nemrah tells us how Qasim Farid mentored his son Mahir to “read people” and “to befriend them” and “to win their trust”. Mahir hates his mother for marrying Shams, a driver while his father is fighting cancer (the same kind of cancer that Hoor-e-Jahan has).

Years later, Mahir also hates her step-sister Hilal with a passion, but Hilal doesn’t shy away from initiating a cute sibling friendship with Mahir. Mahir also learns that Shams beats up Rabeel, so he threatens Shams. Shams doesn’t like it, so…

Sarkar, Mahir’s Mortal Enemy

It is already established that the “super powerful Aamil” that Kabeera Tai has hired, already knows Mahir and has a personal grudge against him. Now, in this episode, we learn just how and when Sarkar was brought into Mahir’s world. He was first hired by Shams on a retainer. Aamil’s are always on a retainer. Once you get into their changul, there is no escaping them. Listen to Mufti Tariq Masood, and you will know. Qasim dies, and now Sarkar is after Mahir, and also after Hilaal, but for different reasons.


The story was gripping as usual, and towards the end, it leaves us craving for more. I want to know how Mahir meets Sarkar, and how he finds Maala’s photograph in the album. This episode was light on jadoo-tona part, so it didn’t give me headache nor did I lose my sleep over it. All in all, a fantastic episode.


The Drama

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. If we are talking about Nemrah Ahmed, it is inevitable to talk about the drama on her official Facebook page.

A little background

I had said this earlier during Haalim’s publishing, and I won’t mind saying it again.

I have read all Nemrah’s  work after it was published, except Namal. I had to wait for the last episode. “Haalim” was the first time I read work as it got published. Oh, the drama!

The thing is, Nemrah and her team announce a date for episode’s release, and fans go crazy expecting an episode on the said date, but the promise is always never fulfilled. I remember vividly, on one such occasion (it must have been episode 21, because it was Ramzan), I kept visiting her page only to see messages like: 6 more hours, 4 more hours, 1.5 more minutes… I was so fed up, and then I also realized that I was wasting my precious Ramzan time over nothing. Sure, she writes great stroies, but refreshing her page wasn’t worth my time or energy, worth anything.

And now…

This time around, I have decided to wait until my sister tells me that the episode is live. It makes my life easier. When I was home this Eid, sis told me that the drama has started again. The fifth episode wasn’t released when it was promised. I was like: meh, why do I care?

And then it got escalated real quick. Apparently, Nemrah’s team is back to making promises and breaking them. Nemrah isn’t well, she is missing her mother, the episode is being edited, and so on… I read a handful of comments, and they all make sense. Nemrah is a terrific author, and an entrepreneur. She could write a few episodes and keep them ready before releasing them, right? If I was ever as successful as her, (oh, I wish), I would do that. Finish a story before showing it to the world.

Anywho, that’s my two cents on the whole situation, not that anyone asked for it.

Signing out!


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Farzana, you aren’t alone. Her books are to make us feel good, but the one thing that comes to mind afterwards is: “behen, aisa hota nahin hai.”

    I so love your thought, so well articulated.

  2. I don’t know whether It’s just me or some other people see it the same way – but I kind of get this impression that all the content Nimra writes is way far from reality and it’s sometimes silly, we can’t relate to it at all. It’s like a imaginary world which is engaging and captivating but not even remotely realistic – All her books are my guilty pleasures. I read them yet afterward I find them silly and way too fake.

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