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Yasha Andrabi

The beauty queen, our heroine.

Yazdan Shah

The secretive rich man, our hero

Khawar Andrabi

Yasha’s father

Bina Andrabi

Yasha’s sister

Shafa Andrabi

Yasha’s sister

Wafa Andrabi

Yasha’s sister

Jasera Malik

Yasha’s BFF


Khawar’s sister

Gulrez and Gurzaib

Shameem’s sons.

Gulrez is good and hardworking – a hint that he will be married to one of the sisters.

Guzeb is under the influence of his paternal relatives.


Kashmir, India

Plot Summary & My Commentary

Khawar Malik has four daughters and an ailing wife. Yasha, being the eldest and the heroine, takes care of being a mother for her sisters.

She’s aware of her looks and has a no-nonsense attitude for boys. Once, in college, a guy named Yazdan Shah follows her around for a prank.

Her mami asks for Shifa’s hand in marriage but Khawar refuses thinking that Yasha is the elder daughter and she would mind. If she doesn’t get married first, the world would ask questions. That’s a valid concern for a father.

But, Yasha feels that it the perfect proposal and let’s face it, It ain’t easy getting a suitable match for girls, even if they are beautiful, Kashmiri beautiful. So, what does our heroine do? She lies to Khawar that a class fellow from college is interested in her. Say who? Yazdan Shah, of course. Yasha introduces Yazdan Shah to her family and he is perfect sport to play along as a fake fiance.

Is that all the trouble they have? No. A rotten man is after Wafa. He and his family is mean and awful lot. They make a fake marriage certificate when the Andrabi family rejects his proposal.

Soon after, Wafa is also married, owing to the threats of her stalker.

Then, Khawar gets a heart attack, as it always happens in fiction and asks them to marry. Gulrez marries Bina, and Yasha marries Yazdan. Then, happily ever after. Oh, in between is filled with ususal Sohail Khan clichés – like arguments, misunderstanding, heartache etc between the couple.

The main conflict remains the same – a misunderstanding between the couple, this time planted by a colleague. Yazdan has had a few engagements in the past, and well…

This story details the lives of Kashmiri families, the trouble they go through to store food for the entire year. I feel for them, but the narration got tutorial-like. I don’t wike it.


Happy reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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