Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 5

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Plot Summary & Review

So, the cat is out of bag and Sarwar tells Munshi that he wants to marry Mahjabeen.

He doesn’t stop there. He offers him a sort of payout – a home, a car, and a billion rupees (one crore sounds better and correct).

Munshi says no – flat and straight.

Look at Munshi’s expressions. That’s why I like Malik Raza. He is a damn good actor.

He also tells Seema and they decide to marry off Mahjabeen as soon as possible.

Munshi is fired from his job unceremoniously. What else would you expect from Sarwar? He clearly threatened Munshi. Wait, there’s more. He orders his assistant to hold Munshi’s gratuity. That evil man!

Doctor Hammad calls Mahjabeen to romance a bit but she is more focused on the body lotion. It irks him and he hangs up. But, there’s always tomorrow. So, the next day he calls again and she boasts about being a brilliant student. Hammad isn’t a kid. He catches her lies.

What now? Now, she has to arrange a loads of trophies, to impress Hammad.

Mansoora reinstates Munshi, and Sarwar flips out, showing his true colours. He talks rubbish and insults everyone. Abdullah overhears the whole conversation. We also hear that Shahbaz used to manhandle Mansoora.

It ended quite abruptly, I mean, without any cliffhanger. That’s strange. It doesn’t happen so often.

Before I sign off, look at this beauty. Seriously, how gorgeous is she?

Can’t wait for the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar