Book Review | RAI KA PARBAT | Imran Series #23 | Ibn-e-Safi

Let’s review: Ra’i Ka Parbut (رائی کا پربت) (Mountain of Molehill) – 1957

Plot Summary

Imran and his colleagues are out in a hunting camp. Under the disguise of hunters, Imran uncovers a group that is aiding an organized armed revolution.

I love Imran’s quirks. He thinks of such weirdest things possible to do things. For instance, in this one, when Tanveer bickers with Imran, Imran beats the shit out of him, just so he could ask Julia to dance. Why did he ask Julia to dance, that is a spoiler, but what a brilliant thing it was.

And then he pretends to be a man who is sick of his philandering wife.

The story and the climax was very predictable, but then I read Ibn-e-Safi for her prose, not for the stories.


This story has one of the most memorable openings of all Ibe-e-Safi novels. The imagary, the violent man-to-man combat, the suspense… everything keep you glued to the first three pages, and then for the rest of the story. Look at the beginning:

This story also shows Safdar to be a man of steel nerves, a man of resolution and high level of ethics. He is the best person in Imran’s team, but we often see Julia on the forefront. I guess Ibn-e-Safi was only writing to market. I can understand the men would love to read a crime story with a woman in many scenes.

This is one of those rare novels when Imran works with his whole team. I mean, generally we see him operatin alone, doing one stupid thing after the other and somehow solving the case in hand, but not this one. I don’t like Roshi, I will be honest, but then she had her own place in Imran’s team. Again, the woman angle works here for the readership.


That is my review of the 23rd story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment & share.

Shabana Mukhtar