Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 15

Okay, so this episode begins at a high note. Badar Muneer is checking all the vehicles while Parizaad is out to find the whereabouts of Babli’s parents.

Parizaad has a consistent theme. People come, people go and then they come back. So far, we have seen that for Naheed and Babli. Now it’s time for Ustani Ji and Shabeer uncle. Their conversation goes as we expect…a little too expected. Ustani wants to forgive and meet Babli while Shabeer doesn’t want to. He even goes so far as to threaten Ustani: if you meet Babli, our relationship is over.
That is so cliche. Why do all fathers use that threat? Is there no better alternative? I would never use that in my stories.
So, there’s that drama.
On the other hand, Badar Muneer has made some progress. The girl who was involved in Laila Saba’s affair, what’s her name, Sara? She’s captured.
Long story short, Badar Muneer comes to arrest Behroz Kareem. Long story shorter, Parizaad is arrested.
The episode ends as Parizaad is thrown into the cell.
So that’s about the written update and brief review of Parizaad episode 15. How did you like the episode? The whole drama between Babli and her parents was a bit much, but overall a nice and happening episode.

Now some commentary

First off, congratulations to Pakistan again for an unexpected win. When I started watching the match, Pakistan was at 47/2 in 9 overs chasing 134. Woah, that ain’t happening, I thought. And then they proved me wrong. Some nice shots and three more wickets later, Pakistani team had won the match in 19th over. Well done Hafeez bhai. Lagta hai sar pe chhot thah karke aapko lagi thhi. Ekdum se game palat diya.
Okay, so back to Parizaad and the teaser for episode 16…
In the novel, Parizaad Behroz Kareem himself asks his goons to torture Parizaad just to see if he rats out under (fake) police’s assault. He doesn’t. In the drama, that torture is given to real police. But it will achieve the same thing-establish that Parizaad is immensely lawyer. Stay tuned for the next episode. Parizaad will be rich soon.
We see the slap: Badar Muneer slaps Feroz. You know we see the OST and the teaser and wonder ki yeh scene kab hua hoga. Badar Muneer slaps Feroz, this happens in episode 15.
I never thought I would say this but the way Saboor controls jer tears and then breaks down… Superb. So we all learn one thing: she can act well if the director knows how to use her talent.
We have been praising Ahmad Ali Akbar for his portrayal of Parizaad. Others have done their jobs well, but then Asad Malik comes and changes that. He demands and commands your attention every time he is on screen. What an actor! The way he covers his face when Babli is talking to her parents. We can see that he is hurting. And then he breaks down like a father who’s giving away his daughter. The expressions are the same because parting with same one is hard, and it’s the same feeling no matter who you’re parting with.

Parizaad, the new HUM TV drama is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same name. For brief summary of the novel and my review of the same, read here.

I will be back with another post soon, inshallah. Stay blessed and stay safe.


Shabana Mukhtar