Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 5

Amanat continues on it’s very predictable journey. I mentioned this in my review of Thora Sa Haq, and I repeat here: ARY reveals almost the whole story of the drama in it’s YouTube description.
So, the fifth episode is released, and I didn’t get time to review it until now.
Let’s cover the ground quickly.

Amanat Episode 5 written update and review

  1. Meher is shot and is hospitalized, again.
  2. There is nobody else who can take Meher to the hospital, so as always the responsibility falls on Zarar’s able shoulders.
  3. When Zarar comes back
  4. Junaid and Zarar confront each other. Junaid comes across as a hero. After all, he has sacrificed himself to save his sister’s wedding. Bhai waah!
  5. This time, even Safdar doesn’t support Zarar. Zarar says: I brought her here because you said so. Safdar says: Hey, don’t blame this on me, bro. Not in as many words, but you get the drift.
  6. Malik Furqan is after Meher. He wants Meher killed. He talks about killing Meher as if it is as simple as getting a dozen bananas from the market. Bananas are available in all season, that’s why this peculiar analogy.
  7. We have seen some scenes that tell us that Malik Furqan cares about Saeeda. For instance, when he asks/insists Saeeda to attend the wedding with him. Those scenes were very subtle and we appreciated them. But in this episode, subtelty goes out the window as Saeeda explicitely asks Malik Sahab. Malik Sahab, tell me that you love me,” she says. Of course, not in as many words, but you get the drift.
  8. Zooni is being Zooni, nothing new in that. She’s regretting her hasty decision to marry Junaid.
  9. Zooni’s parents are being Zooni’s parents. They blame everything on Samra and Samra’s parents, even the mugging. Mugging is a recurring scene, huh. Fawad’s phone was taken and he was shot dead. Samra’s jewellery and everyone’s phone was taken. I was fearing one more shooting. Imagine if Raheel was also shot.
  10. Zarar is confused as always. Meher tries to walk out of the hospital as always. Bada hi koi meek sa character hai Urwa ka.

Parting Thoughts

I have no parting thoughts. My brain is clouded with a long to-do list. On to the next item.
Shabana Mukhtar