Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 4

Amanat continues on it’s very predictable journey. I mentioned this in my review of Thora Sa Haq, and I repeat here: ARY reveals almost the whole story of the drama in it’s YouTube description. So, the fourth episode is here. A lot has happened, and we will go over the plot progress quickly. Amanat Episode…

Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 3

After watching the first two episodes, I had decided that this drama isn’t for me. But yesterday when I opened YouTube, this episode started playing, and I sort of watched it – half watched, half listened to. Let me summarize the plot progress as a bulleted list, because…why not? Zooni is sulking that Zarar did…

Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 2

It’s time to review the second episode. Furqan is keeping a close eye on Saeeda, while Saeeda is freaking out. Fawad and Meher arrive in Rawalpindi, and Fawad calls Zarar for help. Fawad goes out to recharge his phone and gets mugged and shot by two bikers. Zarar and Meher are worried for missing Fawad….

Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 1

First thing first, read about the cast and characters here, so you understand this review and episode synopsis better. Amanat Episode 1 Written Update, Synopsis and Review and Some Rants Malik Furqan is a rude arrogant and cruel. He orders Meher to quit her studies even though she has only two more papers to write….

Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Cast & Characters

Amanat is ARY Digital show that premiered on 21-Sep-2021. Amanat is a story based on values and principles. Short Summary Zarar is caretaking his friends Fawad’ wife Meher upon his request. In the wake of Fawad’s sudden death, Zarar is left with no choice but to marry Meher to provide shelter and security. However, Zarar’s love…