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A little recap

Zooni gives an overdose of meds to Salaar. Meher and Zarar rush to the hospital. If u had a penny for every hospital scene in Amanat, I would be rich.

Amanat Episode 31 written update and review

The shit gets out of hand, and Laiba, the real heroine, tells everything to Zarar. Now, what would Zooni do? Back home, Raheel isn’t least bit interested in Zooni or her unnecessarily dramatic life.

As for Zarar, it’s time to repent. He apologizes to Junaid who forgives him, but Meher doesn’t want to get back together with Zarar. I like her stance but I also know that these are nothing but tall claims she’s making, and in last episode, she would be like: Zarar aap mera sab kuch hain.

Saboor Ali and her loud portrayal of the awful Zooni has scarred me for life. I think now I can never see any project with Saboor in it.

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Shabana Mukhtar