Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 8

Badshah Begum Episode 7 Recap

So, Pir Shah Mir is the new gaddinasheen and Jahan Ara is the new Badshah Begum. Even the fsmioy isn’t happy about this decision

Badshah Begum Episode 8 Written Update and Review

After the newly designated Pir and Pirni, a new wave of storm is coming our way. Shah Mir has decided to announce Badshah Begum’s nikaah. He is ready to take the plunge and make some tough decisions. Unfortunately, Shah Alam himself is the first obstruction in his way.


Shah Mir’s intentions to let Jahan Ara marry, and Roshan Ara’s chugli to Shahzeb about Bakhtiyar, both have combined into a big trouble for Bakhtiyar. And we anxiously wait to see what Shahzeb does to his hone wala dulha bhai, haha.


Gulnar’s story runs in parallel and it keeps the viewers intrigued.


As usual, the cinematography of this drama amazes me. Every scene, every shot, every frame is beyond perfection.


Hamza Sohail has finally gotten his chance to shine in every scene that he was in. I had my apprehensions about his acting chops being the son of the legendary Sohail Ahmad, but he has pleasantly surprised me.


Ara Noor Abbas looks gorgeous in every frame. From Rani in Ehd-e-Wafa to Jahan Ara in Badshah Begum, she has changed so drastically. Just love it.

And then there is my favourite Farhan Saeed. Kya swag hai bande ka.


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