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A little recap

Zarar learns everything about Zooni, Zooni is rushed to the hospital and has a miscarriage. I guess this is the final wake up call for her to change her behaviour.

Amanat Episode 32 written update and review

So, Mehr is adamant this time. She wouldn’t forgive Zarar. She would have, if he had realized his mistake before Zooni admitted everything. I think she makes a fair point. But I bet all my money that she wouldn’t stick to her words.

Zooni has a miscarriage, Raheel is upset, but he also wants to be practical. He’s moving to Dubai and that’s final. Salma, however, doesn’t want to leave Zooni alone. She eventually does, though.

Zarar tells Mehr to raise Salaar well, to make him a better man than he ever was, to make Salaar learn to respect women, to trust his life partner.

And that melts Mehr’s heart.
Like seriously?
Are you kidding me?

And then we see a time jump.Everyone is happy, Zooni is alone and scared and then…
Well, it has ended. That is all that matters.


So, this ordeal has finally come to an end. Very few dramas have put me through so much torture. This drama has made me realize that I should probably drop some dramas when I can’t bear them. Let’s discuss the performances one last time, shall we?

Urwa Hocane has done nothing, literally nothing except looking pretty and delivering a few lines in soft voice. I seriously question her choices for dramas. There was Guddi from Mushk who simply stole my heart, and then there was Saba Kareem who was there on for a brief period of time but she did leave an impact. After that, she has done Mehr and she is doing Biya in Badzaat. These might be two different roles, but she has done it exactly the same way. Look pretty, and take shit from her husband.

As for Zarar, I mean Imran Abbas, he also chooses poor characters. Whether it is Mera Naseeb (I hated his character), or Thora Sa Haq or this. I guess I liked him only in Akbari Asghari, and that is one drama that is pending for a review ever since I started this blog.

Saboor Ali and her loud portrayal of the awful Zooni has scarred me for life. In this episode, she cried so much, it gave me a headache. I think now I can never see any project with Saboor in it unless someone bets good money to do otherwise. Zooni was a bad character, but made it awful.

Even the usually dependable Srha Asghar was so bleh. I guess instead of the performances, the problem lies with the writing of this drama. A very cringy story with unrelatable awful characters with no character arc.

Thank goodness it’s over.

I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar