Book Review: Haalim – Episode #23 {{LAST Episode}} (By Nemrah Ahmed)

(Drafted on September 6th)

Episode 23 was uploaded on the author’s FB page on, 4th of September. 

This episode has 156 pages, woohoo!

The episode aims at

  1. Revising
  2. Tying the loose ends
  3. Parting some more wisdom
  4. Reinforcing the fact that you may not be the wisest. Talia thought she had figured out Fateh, but Fateh… is just Fateh, complex and he loves unconditionally.

There was more, but I am hallucinating, thanks to 3 hours sleep last night. I was watching a Korean drama “Prime Minister & I” (my first Korean watch). And, boy does it resemble some of the plot lines of Haalim. Was this an inspiration? I think it is a good mix of Imran Khan, plus his ex-wife’s book controversy, plus some stuff from this drama. Just saying!

What am I doing? I should not trivialize stuff. The novel was not as trivial and straight-forward as that. Every line, every sentence, every character taught you something and not many fiction writer achieve that.

Kudos to Nemrah, for making it available for free.

Looking forward for her next venture, but I really think she should take a break. Writing 100-150 pages every 40-50 days span is no mean feat.

That  concludes the novel. I hope to post a review about the complete novel, if time permits.

Happy reading!