Book Review | HUMSAFAR | By Farhat Ishtiaq

Tere Liya Hai Mera Dil (By Farhat Ishtiaque)


Author Profile | Mrs Sohail Khan

Introduction I have been reading Mrs Sohail Khan since high school. She has written a lot of escapist stories. We – me and my sisters, found a pattern in her writing. We discuss that everytime we get together. I think it is time that I put that on paper. Writing Style Sohail Khan writes escapist…

Links to read Alif online (By Umera Ahmed)

I understand that Alif is not just a novel, it is a phenomenon that has gripped the Urdu speaking people across the globe. While some are content by simply watching the drama; others want to enjoy the literary experience as well. There is good news for all. Umera’s website has shared Alif in various…

Book Review: Mere Humdum Mere Dost (By Farhat Ishtiaque)

This post is a spoiler filled review of the book. If you’re planning to read the book, please don’t read further. You have been warned.

Book Review: Deewar-e-Shab By Aliya Bukhari

I will summarize the complete story of Deewar-e-Shab. This review, therefore, will be filled with spoilers. If you want to read the book, or want to enjoy the drama without ruining the mystery, stop reading now.

5 Reasons to watch Alif Drama (Geo TV)

I am looking forward to watching Alif Drama (Geo TV). It is written by Umera Ahmed. The novel is already published in April 2019 and is immensely popular amongst Urdu readers. I prefer not to watch the screen adaptation of a book. It is generally very loosely based on the original story and often the…

Book Review: Sang-e-Raah: The stone of the path (by Deeba Kapadia)

Book Details Title: Sang-e-raah Author: Deeba Kapadia # of pages: 14 Synopsis कभी गालियां देने वालों, आप पर हंसने और मज़ाक़ उड़ाने वालों से वास्ता पड़ा है? वो उसी रास्ते पर हर रोज़ चलता था, तनहा! लेकिन वह दिन जब उसकी मुलाक़ात एक लड़की से हुई, सब कुछ बदल गया। उन उम्मीदों की कहानी जो…

Book Review: Haalim – Episode #23 {{LAST Episode}} (By Nemrah Ahmed)

(Drafted on September 6th) Episode 23 was uploaded on the author’s FB page on, 4th of September.  This episode has 156 pages, woohoo! The episode aims at Revising Tying the loose ends Parting some more wisdom Reinforcing the fact that you may not be the wisest. Talia thought she had figured out Fateh, but Fateh……

Book Review: Khuda Ki Basti (By Shaukat Siddiqui)

Non-review Rant I read about 30 stories over the weekend, mostly urdu. This was one of the longer reads. Plot Summary Characters Raziya Begum,  a widow lives with her three kids – Sultana, Nosha and Annu. Her eldest daughter has passed away, who was married to Neyaz . Nosha, Shami and Raja are three teenage…

Book Review: Shehrzad (By Saima Akram Chaudhary)

آپ لوگوں نے  سمیرا شریف طور کا “ٹوٹا ہوا تارا” پڑھا ہے؟ یا پھر عفت سحر پاشا کا پچھلے سال کا   “خواب شیشے کا” پڑھا ہوگا؟ اگر نہیں پڑھا  تو اچھی بات ہے۔ شہرزاد پڑھ لیں۔ اگر یہ دونوں ناول پڑھ رکھے ہیں، تو ابھی سے بتادوں کہ  کافی مماثلت نظر آئے گی۔ اور میں…

Book Review: Haalim – Episode #22 (By Nemrah Ahmed)

(Drafted on July 4th) Episode 22 was uploaded on the author’s FB page today, 4th of July. Happy independence Day to American friends… This episode has 100 pages and is sufficiently long. The episode moves so briskly that I kept checking the page number every now and again to verify how much I had read….

Book Review: Alif – Episode #12 (Finale) (By Umera Ahmed)

The 12th and final episode is out. It is 29 pages long. I have included the link to read the episode online at the end of this post. Summary The episode is generally about tying the loose ends and there are some revelations. Don’t worry, I am not going to spoil the story for you….