Book Review: “Qaraqoram Ka Taj Mahal” by Nemrah Ahmed


After reading Paras, I was so mesmerized by Nemrah Ahmad’s writing that I quickly asked around for more of her books. Thanks to my sister, again, who recommended and shared the pdf of “Qaraqoram Ka Taaj Mahal”.

I had drafted it back in November… November 23, 2017 to be precise. And I publish it now. I am such a busy bee, you see. Sigh!


This book reminded me too much of Paths of Glory (referred as POG henceforth) by my favourite Jeffrey Archer.  POG had reminded me of my tiny stay in Banff and Lake Luise. I didn’t do mountain climbing. Just the visit to those places in Rocky mountain region was freezing enough. Oh I digress. Let me just share one pic that freezes me even today.


Moving on.

The sections of the book where they’re hiking the mountain, I skipped some of it. I did the same when I read paths of glory . It pained me physically to read through those paragraphs.

To be honest, I felt that most of the POG book is translated into Urdu and the romantic section is introduced by Nimra. Please, do not get me wrong. After I read other books by her, I realized that her research is thorough and extensive. I feel sorry for my judgement. But if you’ve read POG, you will know what I mean.

As for her writing style, it is unbelievable how she communicates many things without saying it aloud. You don’t read it, you feel it.

The last line that leaves you with a lingering khalish, a prick in your mindI was like, ‘Oh my god, they will be doing it again’. Haven’t they learnt the lesson yet?

A nice read, that makes you want to extract the male lead out of the book and keep for yourself 😀

Happy Reading!

Shabana Mukhtar

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