Book Review: TIJORI KA RAAZ (Jasoosi Duniya #4 By Ibn-e-Safi)


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Plot Summary

Tijori Ka Raaz is one story without any murder. The author, in his note, mentions that this story does not have any bloodshed but relies on mental gymnastics instead.

The story opens as two men fully clad in black break-in into a mansion of a rich man. They steal nothing and leave. They are almost caught, as the cinema-goers have just left the theater. How do they save themselves? By throwing a wad of cash. The crowd gets busy in collecting the currency and the two make a fast exit.

The same thing happens twice with two other rich men of the city but both report that nothing has been stolen.

Sub-inspector Jagdish reappears as he is investigating the robbery. Faridi helps him again. The story is about a will and inheriting some property. I didn’t enjoy the premise as much.


This was a story that started on such high note that simply blew my mind. Even today, the whole robbery and the first 10-12 pages are awesome. The reader is dumbstruck to see the law-abiding citizen and law-enforcing officer breaking the rules himself.

Kyunki ismein kick hai.

The storyline then goes south and ends in a tain tain fish.

If it wasn’t for the hilarious banter between Faridi and Hameed, the cute romantic scenes between Hameed and Shahnaz and extremely witty lines, it would have been a dud for the readers.

That concludes the review for Tijori Ka Raaz, the fourth and last story of Issue 1 Jasoosi Duniya Series. What do others feels about this one?

Shabana Mukhtar