Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 1

For details and cast of Turkish Drama Emergency Love, please read here.


A Horrible Morning

The episode begins as Nisan is moving into her new apartment. Her car is parked in the middle of the road and people are lugging her stuff, blocking the street. A man in his car starts to shout at her. Instead of being sorry or moving her car away, she starts to argue. This noise wakes up one of the residents of the building – Sinan.

Then, blabbering all the while, she reverses her car and crashed into Sinan’s car.

That’s not all. While getting her stuff upstairs, she drops a box of cooking vessels right at Sinan’s door. Sinan is angry, as he has not slept doing a night-shift at hospital. Again, instead of apologizing and moving on, she starts to blabber, making him angrier.

If you thought it would stop there, you are wrong. While leaving for the hospital, Sinan notices that the new girl has crashed into his car. She hits his car, again, and acts innocent. Most naturally, Sinan regards the day as one of the most awful days of his life. He hopes that he never runs into Nisan again.

Not so fast, mister. Don’t have high hopes.

The Day At Hospital

In the hospital, he is talking with the staff and fellow doctors tells his colleagues about his annoying neighbor. Just as he is about to go to patient’s room, someone runs into him spilling hot coffee all over him. Yep, his upstairs annoying neighbour Nisan.

Dr Murat introduces the two. Nisan will work as Sinan’s assistant. How lovely!

Berzan, a fellow doctor is Nisan’s old acquaintance. They share a platonic relationship.

Too many coincidences? Wait, there’s more.

An interesting patient Ahmet Altinoglan arrives at the hospital. A woman Seema and him are in handcuffs. Nisan talks to Ahmet’s daughter and asks her to come to the hospital. Ahmet doesn’t want his daughter to know but then Nisan has already told her. When Ahmet finds out, he flips out. She’s annoying. But she’s a good doctor, so Sinan appreciates him. Things are sorted as all secrets are out in the open. Seema and Ahmet decide to marry soon. Ahmet asks Sinan if there is something brewing between them. Ahem!

They go out for lunch at a restaurant and she surprises him again by ordering a full plate of pasta. Sinan knows the Ahmet, the restaurant owner. Nisan eats a lot. It is a bit of foreshadwing. We will know why she values food so much.

Malik, the guy at the reception likes to gossip and starts talking about Nisan. Berzan is a no nonsense guy and he warns Malik from gossiping about Nisan.

The Night

Sinan helps her with her stuff when a car spills mud on them.

She barges into his house because she sees a spider in her apartment. He kicks her out but then… She asks to crash on his couch. She’s a bro, and enjoys the football match, and the chips… she makes him breakfast and he taunts that he doesn’t have to drive with her.

Murat and his daughter Noor are painting. He reads her a story and before going to sleep she says she wants to stay with him. Awnnn!

To make things more interesting, Sinan’s elder sister Ayla joins the same hospital. Of course, it means that she will temporarily stay at his brother’s house until she finds a new apartment for herself.
Annoying elder sister as roommate and supremely annoying and clumsy Nisan as his upstairs neighbor, Sinan’s is sure to never find calmness in his life anymore.

Ayla takes an instant liking with Nisan. Berzan meets Ayla and they get on wrong foot.

Next day

His car breaks down and he asks for a ride. Hissab barabar. He even fights with a man in the road for her.

There is am old lady who is ticklish. Ayla interrupts the diagnosis and tells Berzan that his diagnosis is wrong. They make a bet that whoever diagnoses it right, the other will so the night shift. Berzan loses and his ego is hurt. Burn!

A fat boy Kutay who’s perpetually hungry. His father furqan flirts with Nisan and for some reason Sinan is jealous.

Kutay runs away and while looking for him they fall on each other. Hot!

But, wait, there’s more. Kutay locks them in a dark room. There are no signals. Murat finds them, finally.

There is a costume party that Murat has arranged for Noor. Murat dresses as Dumbledore. Berzan dresses as a pirate. Ayla is a witch. Sinan and Nisan dress as prince and princess respectively. Sinan falls for Nisan not knowing that behind that mask is the same annoying girl.

He offers to dance, and asks her, “who are you?”

And, the end credits roll.


Sinan is so handsome and when he smiles, OMG!

Ayla looks and talks like Katrina Kaif. Nisan is annoying and clumsy and she looks clueless ALL.THE.TIME.

There are a lot of coincidences.

  1. Sinan and Nisan are neighbours
  2. They are colleagues, as well
  3. Berzan knows Nisan
  4. Sinan’s sister also joins the same hospital

Why does rom-com show heroine as the clumsy, poor and talkative person? Whether it is Rental Love (Kiralik Ask) or Relationship Status: Complicated, both show heroines as poor, hungry, emotional and talkative. I would like to see the tables turned around for a change. Or, maybe, the heroine is classy and elegant? No?

Alright! I will make do with whatever I get. Rom-coms are not easy to find.

Shabana Mukhtar