Daasi | Episode 13

Let’s review the 13th episode of Daasi. 

Before you proceed, please read my review of previous episodes. Because, how else would you know the characters? Let’s know them, their backstories and how they are related.

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Sunehri’s Track

Aahil doesn’t take shit from Tauqeer and catches his bluff that he’s happy to see him.

Aadil and Aliya are getting along well. It is funny that after ruining things for Sunehri and Aahil, she is being extra nice to the same man she didn’t want to marry.

Sunehri is still adamant on believing that Aahil was the culprit. Instead of sending his driver, he comes himself to get his stuff.

Now both are angry at each other and Aahil vows to not see her ever again.

She returns the bangles he had bought and he throws it in the road. If heartaches could be fixed that easily, everybody would opt for the same technique, wouldn’t they?

Enters Shahabuddin – the entry I was waiting for.
Idhar bhai ne Kaha, “koi dil ki bhaye.”
Udhar Sunehri brings tea.

Tu ne maari entryaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tann tann tann

Even though he has booked a hotel room he agrees to stay with them.

Cheapo Shahabuddin tries every trick in the book to look at Sunehri.

Background music is a bit too much too loud.


It  would be safe to assume a few things as we have already seen in promos.

Ammi will either get terminally ill or die. Sunehri would be forced to marry Shahabuddin.

Aahil would unravel whatever scam Tauqeer is playing.

Aliya and Aahil will finally be together.

I don’t like such love stories. I mean, the one where one or both parties marry once and eventually marry each other after ages. That is my biggest problem with Turkish dramas as well. No matter how handsome the couple is or how romantic their story is, they always bring a past relationship baggage. I know, every man or woman who has survived a failed relationship deserves another chance but it just bothers me.

Look at me ranting again. All said and done, I am looking forward to the next episode.

Until next review, remember in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar