Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 14

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This is 66-72 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar. I have reviewed these episodes separately.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 66)

Abidin is out in Nisan’s car heading to the farm house. Slow, steady and steadily ranting. Kitna bolta hai.

Berzan has a tiring day and he decides to yield his position as chief. Bhai waah!
At the farm house, Nisan is drooling over Sinan, who, for some reason, is chopping woods. Lakarhara scene from Yeh Dil Mera comes to mind. Ahad Raza Mir was going the same. Copy cat?

A very nice dinner and some fun later, he gifts her a dress. Just how many surprises has he planned?

It is the same red dress she wore in the dance competition. She slips it and Sinan knows that she has remembered everything. He has known since they were at the petrol pump. Dude is sharp!


So, they get comfy and dance. They both confesses how they feel for each other. As they begin dancing, the goon man arrives there. Dayum!

He is about to shoot her, for supposedly avenging something Nisan has done to him. The dry leaves makes noise and he has to escape. Sinan also knows him, how?

Our hero boldly and stupidly goes after the noise, leaving Nisan alone. Who does that?

Too many questions, must watch the next episode immediately.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 67)

Sinan and Nisan come back. While Ayla is happy about Nisan’s memory; Sinan is upset about Berzan’s presence in his apartment. Why? I mean, he knew about their relationship. And, he has just been with Nisan. Dual standards!

Nisan knows that Abidin has stolen her car; but Abidin doesn’t know that she now remembers everything. His monologue with the car is so funny.

Ayla nosily asks Sinan about their time on the farm house but Sinan dodges the question.

Okay, the fun ends and Ayla gets her first problem of the day. The medicine stock is over and Ayla loses it. Even Sinan feels that she had overacted.

Berzan and Ansuman are planning for a party for Ayla. Ayla scolds a bunch of night-shift staff. Berzan points out that she’s being rude. But, Ayla wants to be the tough chief.

Nisan is talking to Abidin, coercing to bring her car back; while she spots the goon man in doctor’s overall.

Who is that man? This mystery had gone out for so long.

Why nobody’s bothered about missing Sadiya?

Did Murat have only this much role?

Let’s see if the next episode answers some of these questions.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 68)

A poor patient comes to the hospital. He doesn’t have insurance or money to pay for the bills. Berzan asks the nurse to treat the case urgently. Ayla doesn’t like this.

I agree with Berzan and Sinan. Ayla is too strict. She writes a complaint about him, realizes her mistake but one of the files fall down. Their professional tiff will impact their personal relationship. What do you think?

Sinan and Nisan have another weird patient – they always get the weird patients. This time it is a couple of classmates Salaar and Zainep and Salaar gets his hand stuck to Zainep’s head. Her rowdy boyfriend has also accompanied.

They give her a haircut. Why didn’t they send her off to a salon?

Nisan again interferes with the trio and gives Salaar free advice.

With short hair, her boyfriend would probably dumps her. Good riddance.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 69)

Nisan talks to an unconscious patient, about her fears of the unnamed goon man and the she leaves, the goon man comes out from hiding. Not surprised at all.

Berzan is upset at Ayla, and Sinan tells him that Ayla is always hyper when she’s stressed. And that things will be alright. Berzan understands and goes to talk to Ayla but finds the written complaint lying on the floor – the complaint that Ayla has already decide to withdraw. We all know it will cause unnecessary drama between them. Not entirely happy about these trivial and repetitive conflicts.

Zeynep is upset about refusing Haseeb’s proposal and breaking Salaar’s heart. Nisan, the self-appointed Cupid is set to take care of her. The two girls talk, Nisan tells Zeynep to go for Salaar instead as Sinan watches the entire meddling.

He decides to complete the task, that is, bring Salaar to meet Zeynep. But again, as you would have expected, the goon man follows Sinan.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 70)

Goon man’s car is following Sinan’s bike. But nothing happens because just when they are about to attack, Sinan turns. The goon man fears that Sinan will recognize him. So, they run away.

Sinan meets Salaar, gives a pep talk and Salaar accompanies him to the hospital. Back at the hospital, Nisan is treating Zeynep and Haseeb is ranting as usual. Haseeb leaves, Salaar proposes to Zeynep as Sinan and Nisan enjoy their victory. All is well that ends well.

Ayla arrives at the cafeteria where the staff has arranged a surprise party for her. Berzan isn’t there, so Ayla is pissed off, obviously.

She calls Berzan who is venting his anger on a punching bag. He doesn’t pick up her call. Sinan and Nisan flirt but not for long. The rest of the staff is also upset because Ayla is upset. I can’t decide if I should sympathize with her or be angry at her.

At home, Ayla is still brooding so Nisan calls Berzan home. Nisan and Sinan make pasta, because Nisan is perpetually hungry.

Berzan and Ayla resolve their differences. This conflict resolved too quickly. Don’t you think? And the goon man is still a mystery.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 71)

Sinan is making pasta for Nisan, and Nisan is helping him. She puts sugar instead of salt, ruining the pasta.

She orders a lot of food, they begin playing napkin throwing game. One thing leads to other and they challenge each other for a basketball game.

At that hour of night? Nisan is confident that she will beat him. And she does play well, despite Sinan’s obvious height advantage.

Sinan wins, by distracting her. They fight, he kisses her and she falls down. The goon man is watching. Does he have any other work?

Abidin is heading towards Istanbul and he comes to see Nisan again. She tells Sinan about her lie about Abidin. Sinan is so upset. Someone’s gonna get hurt real bad. (Yes, that’s Russell Peters)

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 72)

This episode begins as Abidin innocently tells Sinan that he was only playing along with Nisan to make Sinan jealous. Sinan isn’t upset as Nisan expected. The scene ends as Nisan runs after Abidin for ruining her car.

Abidin funnily defends himself yet again. But Sinan doesn’t let him sleep at Nisan’s place. I repeat, Abidin is the best character in this series.

The girls gossip and Nisan tells Ayla every little detail. If it wasn’t enough, we see a montage of all the near kiss moments between Nisan and Sinan. That portion could be a nice standalone clip on YouTube.

Abidin breaks the DVD shelf early in the morning, irking Sinan again. But later, he compliments his looks.

They arrive at the hospital and a nurse tells Nisan about a visitor. Guess who that guest is? The goon man.

Dayum! It ends there.

Shabana Mukhtar