Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 15

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This is roughly 73-79 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 73)

Goon man tells Nisan that he would ruin her life just as she did to him. He orders her to stay away from Sinan.

Abidin is back to his flirty best. I wonder where Hassan, Murat and Ehsaan have disappeared. Weren’t they hell bent on getting Abidin married to Nisan.

Abidin notices Nisan’s and convinces / forces her to confide in him. When he leaves, he kisses her forehead, like an elder sibling. I am a fan of this boy.

No, we don’t hear that story so the mystery is still on.

Goon man’s name is Kinan and he’s Sinan’s friend. Even Melik feels that Kinan is weird. Nisan is about to see Kinan with Sinan when a young boy nearly falls down. She’s distracted. But tell me, how does Nisan know his name is Kerim?

Anywho, this boy is neglected. But he’s smart. He senses that the two doctors treating him are a sorta couple. Kids!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 74)

I stand corrected. Hassan has not forgotten about Abidin. Ehsaan and Murat catch him and take him away. Does it bother Abidin? No. He’s playing with the window glasses – slide up, slide down.

Hassan questions Abidin about Nisan..he accidentally saves Hassan’s life. Hassan gifts him a restaurant. Just like that!

An angry customer is about to leave and Abidin brings his A game to calm her. He can tame an angry woman and run a restaurant. Impressive!

Ayla’s friend Chanda is in the hospital for tonsils and Ayla tries very hard to hide her relationship with Berzan. Berzan, the angry young doctor gets upset, again. He flirts with Chanda, making Ayla jealous.

Scared of Kinan, Nisan is avoiding Sinan. By the way, these similar sounding names confuse me. Anyone else?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 75)

Melik is again upset that Yildiz isn’t talking to him. Ansuman is secretly helping her to win Melik.

Abidin is overconfident and interferes in the kitchen – how to decorate plates, make stew, not waste ingredients. He also intends to invite bloggers and actors so they could write rave reviews. This man knows his shit. Or so he pretends. All the customers of the restaurant get bad stomach and Abidin brings them to the hospital offering them free treatment.

Nisan continues to avoid Sinan and Sinan continues to pester her, for whatever is bothering her. She doesn’t tell him, of course. I don’t like it. Whatever it is, just say it aloud and be done with it, no?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 76)

Abidin’s angry customers are uncontrollable. Nisan is still avoiding Sinan and Sinan is still upset about it. I am getting tired of it. Get done with it already.

Yildiz and Melik are fighting again as Yildiz pretends to be unprepared for wedding.

Nisan tasks Ipek and Ali to distract her if she talks to Sinan. Argh! Would she ever tell him the truth?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 77)

Sinan is getting upset about Nisan’s weird behaviour. She even tells Sinan that it is better if she stays away from him, but she doesn’t tell him the reason. If Nisan has told Abidin, why can’t she tell Sinan?

She calls someone to vent out her frustration. That’s another mystery. Who does she talk to?

Abidin offers to stay with Nisan but she refuses. She should have agreed because goon man Kinan is waiting for Nisan in her apartment.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 78)

This episode begins on fun note as with my favourite character – Abidin. An officer from health ministry. He offers bribe and the officer doubles the penalty.

Omar, one of the patients has lied to his girlfriend about being a doctor. Sinan takes this as an opportunity to remind Nisan that she should share whatever is bothering her. Nisan doesn’t relent.

Later, she tells him that she wasn’t to share something with him. They plan to go out for dinner and guess who overhears this? Kinan. That man is always around.

Chief Ayla is perpetually obsessed and jealous of her friend who is full time flirting with Berzan. One can sense that this could be Berzan’s ploy to tease Ayla.

Melik takes Yildiz for bridal dress shopping. All the dresses are oversized and the shop owner gives her a dress from kids’ section.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 79)

Sinan is waiting for Nisan and Kinan is holding a gun ready to shoot him. Nisan changes her mind. She has to, for the life of the love of her life. Oh, word play.

Kinan orders her to drive his car. Stupid Nisan dials Abidin’s number and talks to Kinan so Abidin would get a hint about her location. Lover boy Sinan is busy buying flowers as Kinan takes Nisan to one of those warehouses bad men use as their adda. Kinan is about to shoot her and the episode ends.

Apart from the fact that Nisan’s character is being unnecessarily mysterious; I like this drama. Oh, and Nisan is annoying.

Shabana Mukhtar