Emergency Love | Episode 82

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So, Nisan wears the ring that refuses to come out; so they are forced to buy it. Nisan offers to use Berzan’s credit card but Sinan makes the payment. Nisan records this on her camera.

Nisan profusely apologizes to Sinan for her childish behaviour. Sinan is upset, as always but decides to accompany her nonetheless. Abidin spots them together but Sinan doesn’t stop for him.

Berzan and Ayla are still playing Tom & Jerry. Berzan doesn’t give her any clue if he is ever going t propose to her.

Nisan bargains with the music band, humiliating Sinan and the band manager kicks her our. Abidin finally finds them.

I am not sure how this engagement will turn out. Disaster, is my guess.

Shabana Mukhtar