Emergency Love | Episode 83

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Ayla is one a shopping spree for the big occasion. She is overdressed for the game that Berzan takes her to. Poor bride-to-be.

Abidin, Nisan and Sinan arrive at the flower shop and Nisan could not afford the flowers she had selected. The ever-so-gentleman Sinan pays for that as well. Yet again, people take Sinan and Nisan for a couple.

All done, would they go out for some quality time alone?

No. Nisan holds the bouquet and asks Abidin to record her sincere thanks for Dr Sinan. Foreshadowing, wait for it!

Sinan loses her temper again when Nisan tells her the venue booking is still pending. Nisan breaks into one of the venues and gets soaked. Sinan yells at her, Nisan yells back and Abidin’s constant commentary fuels their fight.

All is well that ends well. Sinan is making soup for her, and the episode ends.

Shabana Mukhtar