Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 16

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This is roughly 79-86 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 79)

Abidin is heading towards the adda with police. The police officers arrive and rescue her. Who the hell is Kinan and what’s his story?

Anyway, Abidin decides that now it is his right to live at Nisan’s house. Funny man.

Ayla and Berzan are enjoying a nice dinner. Guess what is playing on their television? Relationship Status: Complicated, the scene when Aysegul meets Can Tekin for the first time.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 80)

Abidin crashes at Sinan’s place. He is shameless and even shows tantrums to Sinan – don’t talk on phone, don’t be arrogant, make tea for me.

Anyway, Berzan first seeks Sinan’s blessings before proposing to Ayla.

Ayla knows so she puts in extra effort to dress for her shift.

Ayla isn’t alone. Nisan goes all crazy – from planning for a detailed romantic date to buying am engagement ring. That ain’t gonna be perfect. Right? If that wasn’t enough, Abidin offers to help. God help Ayla and Berzan. Hahaha.

Nisan has a camcorder and she plans to shoot their entire day together. Let’s see how that goes.

This series doesn’t seem to head anywhere. Berzan and Ayla are still contemplating their future. Sinan and Nisan are still not serious. Will it ever end?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 81)

Ansuman teases Melik that he’s losing weight. Yildiz gets upset when Melik tells her that he plans to stay with his mother even after marriage. Yildiz fakes to be sick and is hospitalized.

Abidin calls Berzan so he can join Nisan and Sinan. He doesn’t get the complete address so he starts visiting every shop in the Baghdad Street. He rants about Sinan’s arrogant behaviour and is kicked out.

Nisan selects a ring which costs 10000 bucks whereas Berzan’s budget is 5000. Sinan loses it, and takes matters in his hands. Nisan doesn’t like the budget rings. Would Sinan buy the 10K bucks ring for her, for future? He must because Nisan tries the expensive ring.

Might as well propose to her.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 82)

So, Nisan wears the ring that refuses to come out; so they are forced to buy it. Nisan offers to use Berzan’s credit card but Sinan makes the payment. Nisan records this on her camera.

Nisan profusely apologizes to Sinan for her childish behaviour. Sinan is upset, as always but decides to accompany her nonetheless. Abidin spots them together but Sinan doesn’t stop for him.

Berzan and Ayla are still playing Tom & Jerry. Berzan doesn’t give her any clue if he is ever going t propose to her.

Nisan bargains with the music band, humiliating Sinan and the band manager kicks her our. Abidin finally finds them.

I am not sure how this engagement will turn out. Disaster, is my guess.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 83)

Ayla is one a shopping spree for the big occasion. She is overdressed for the game that Berzan takes her to. Poor bride-to-be.

Abidin, Nisan and Sinan arrive at the flower shop and Nisan could not afford the flowers she had selected. The ever-so-gentleman Sinan pays for that as well. Yet again, people take Sinan and Nisan for a couple.

All done, would they go out for some quality time alone?

No. Nisan holds the bouquet and asks Abidin to record her sincere thanks for Dr Sinan. Foreshadowing, wait for it!

Sinan loses her temper again when Nisan tells her the venue booking is still pending. Nisan breaks into one of the venues and gets soaked. Sinan yells at her, Nisan yells back and Abidin’s constant commentary fuels their fight.

All is well that ends well. Sinan is making soup for her, and the episode ends.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 84)

The trio is enjoying soup and Abidin offers them to host the event in his restaurant.

Ayla is bored AF and leaves the game. Berzan is still worried s kit the preparation. Poor man, he doesn’t know about the ring. Ayla later tells Nisan that she knows Berzan is about to propose.

Ansuman tries to tell Yildiz that she shouldn’t fight Melik on where she should stay.

Nisan has setup a perfect romantic surprise for Ayla. We see a montage of all the sweet moments between Berzan and Ayla. Let’s see how the engagement goes.

As usual, Abidin’s running commentary on everything and self-praising is the best thing of this drama.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 85)

Abidin fires the band, offering them very little money. Who will take care of the music? Abidin, the man himself. Another assertion that the event is going downhill.
Nisan and Sinan steal a box of firecrackers.

Ayla is now enjoying the massage. I don’t see Nisan planning for these stuff. I am not sure if it is Berzan pampering her or someone else. By the way, whatever happened to Murat, Sadiya and Kinan?

Abidin has arranged three parties AT ONCE – one kids party, one bachelorette party and Ayla’s engagement. Nisan loses it, setting then fireworks alight. What fun!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 86)

Now everything is ruined, arrangement-wise. The one thing that is left is a tiff between Ayla and Berzan. Berzan says: I took a wrong decision hastily.

Of course, Ayla overhears this; loses her mind and storms off. Nisan again tries to meddle, infuriating Sinan further. As if on cue, the ring falls down. Two broken hearted girls head home as the dudes sit back to mourn their words.

Shabana Mukhtar



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