Kashf | Episode 7

Let’s begin with the review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 7 that aired on May 19, 2020.

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


After watching the news about deceased Fais, Rasheda has a change of heart. Her and Shumaila come to meet Kashf and family. Yet, Rasheda keeps an upper hand saying she has forgiven Kashf. Kashf accepts the 2000 rupees Rasheda gives her, as a token of reconciliation.
Zoya spreads poison, hoping Wajdan would be scared of his fate. He doesn’t budge, so Zoya tells on Kashf when she’s talking to Wajdan. Imtiaz loses his temper. He threatens to throw Aashi out, so Kashf agrees to sit on Shah ji’s aastana. Only Iram knows who has caused this mayhem.

Look at the trio.

Faiyaz and Rasheda try to convince Imtiaz for the wedding. He, in turn, suggests Iram’s proposal instead. Haw! Iram tells Kashf everything. Kashf understands her dream, as if there was any doubt left. *Snort*
Imtiaz is so thick skinned. He doesn’t mind a single abuse that Aashi hurls at him.
Wajdan requests Kashf to elope and both sisters Shumaila and Iram help them, but Zoya locks their room. Kashf shares this dream for the first time.

Shah meets Aashi, humiliating her, making a big scene; and gives him two choices – marry him or he will marry Kashf. This doesn’t comes as a surprise. As a consequence, the principal orders her to resign.


Okay, so this episode is flawed. Kashf has dreamt Wajdan marrying Zoya. Why does she feel upset when Zoya locks the door? Why does she agree to elope with Wajdan in first place? Why do neither sisters react one iota when she says, “Zoya will never let me marry Wajdan, she will marry him.”?

Of course, all these questions remain unanswered.


Shabana Mukhtar

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