Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 2

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Ayla’s dance partner is a douche bag and he keeps touching her inappropriately. Of course, it doesn’t go down well with the pirate Berzan. Ayla and Berzan argue, but not for long. They leave the party together as bicker as they do.  Soon, she changes into karate outfit. Berzan takes her to a seaside restaurant. Whatever they eat, doesn’t suit Ayla. Ayla gets upset stomach as Berzan drops her home and takes care of her. I love the scene when he throws his braids back to pour water. Haha!

Sinan and Nisan dance together. Sinan tries to talk to her but she doesn’t utter a single word. He gets a call from the hospital and leaves abruptly. As does Nisan. They meet at the hospital. A kid has seen them as prince and princess before they change into their hospital gear. Nisan tries to know if Sinan knows it was her in the princess’ costume and she talks, a lot, a LOT, A LOTTT.

They arrive together. Sinan enters the apartment as Berzan is about to leave, it makes for a funny scene as both men are about to attack each other thinking of the other as intruder. Later, they hang out and discuss life. He tells Berzan about the princess he met. Little does he know that the princess is in fact a klutzilla and she hasn’t unpacked yet. She  falls down, thanks to the mess around her apartment.

The next morning, Ayla invites her for breakfast. Ayla and Nisan singing wakes Sinan up and he’s pissed off. Even his stuff is messed up, irking him further. After breakfast, Ayla insists that they carpool. How lovely! Sinan agrees on one condition that he will drive. But, one look at her funky keychain makes him change his mind, almost.

This episode’s weird patient is a couple glued together.

And, they are just as noisy as Nisan. As it turns out, Nisan’s ramblings outshine the couple. Soon, they reconcile their differences, thanks to meddling from Nisan, who has a bet going on with Sinan, Ayla and Berzan. Girls Vs boys, you see.

Berzan takes Ayla out, again. Don’t these people have a ton of patients to attend to? I mean taking a lunch break itself is luxury and they go out, for a nice lunch. Just saying!
As Berzan leaves to use the washroom, a creepy businessman sends his card to Ayla. Berzan finds out and beats the shit out of them, in a restaurant. *slow clap*

As the girls have won the bet, they ask Berzan and Sinan to cook. Men cooking, so much fun, isn’t it?

After the dinner is over, Ayla spills the bean that it was Nisan in the light green princess’ costume.

They both spend a restless night.

The next morning he leaves without waiting for Nisan. When they meet in the hospital, both are acting strange. Sinan says that he has no work for Nisan. Nisan asks around for work so Berzan asks her to help him with some reports. She goes inside a room and Sinan coincidentally enters the room, scaring her. She drops a bottle and gets a tiny cut on her thumb. It gives Sinan a chance to gaze into her eyes and be all romantic. They are locked, in the room, again. But wait, isn’t that a different door they are banging on?

Indeed, it is. A nurse tells them, doh!

Noor is sick, and Murat is worried.  She’s got food poisoning.
Ayla and Berzan treat Noor and put her to bed. Ayla snatches the cookie from Berzan before he could offer it. That girl!

A kids group visits the hospital. The female teacher hits on Sinan, making Naina jealous.

A mad man enters the hospital trying to kill himself, for someone named Tooba. Sinan and Naina have a new drama to handle.
Naina tells the intruder Haamid, that he should fire someone else. Great idea, ma’am. Haamid grabs her. Because, why not? It was her idea, after all.


Murat and Noor add to the emotional quotient of this drama. Murat frequently talks to his wife who does nothing except shouting at him over phone.

It upsets Noor. The girl is hardly five years old. She has an impressionable age and she acts well for her part. Murat also seems vulnerable and upset and you feel his pain.

Aren’t they too stylish for doctors? I mean who wears leather jackets or red hoodies or short dresses with plunging necklines to hospital?

I also feel that the 

Shabana Mukhtar