Daasi | Episode 14

Let’s review the 14th episode of Daasi. 

Before you proceed, please read my review of previous episodes. Because, how else would you know the characters? Let’s know them, their backstories and how they are related.


Shahabuddin is flirting with Sunehri, full on. And the dude doesn’t hesitate to jatao the fact that he supports Sunehri and her mother. If Shahabuddin had thought that it will shut her up, he was so wrong. By the way, Ammi sides with Shahabuddin. She obviously can’t see the truth.

Aahil learns that the company is running into losses because Tauqeer’s projects have all failed. Aahil asks to prepare a report of all those projects. Tauqeer will be busted, soon. At least, that’s my hope.

Aliya arrives at Aahil’s office to surprise. Allah khair! Aahil doesn’t want to talk, but slightly choked voice and display of emotions melts his heart. Aliya gives him a video to prove that it was all Sunehri’s doing. She looks so vulnerable that anybody would trust her.

On the way back, she runs into Aadil. How convenient! Aliya tells him that Sunehri wanted to marry Aadil but Aliya wanted Sunehri to marry Mujtaba. Wow, she’s quite creative, huh?

As Aadil drops Aliya home, Sunehri spots them together. Sunehri is almost convinced that Aahil is innocent. On the other hand,  Aahil watches Aliya’s video and is convinced that Sunehri has played with all of them like human toys. Uff Allah, how many more stories would she fabricate?

It doesn’t stop there. Rubab also watches the video. Now, obviously, she would take action against Sunehri.

Aahil has a lot of free time so he spends one day spying at Sunehri.

Ammi has taken a load of stitching work even though she isn’t well. She sends Sunehri out to purchase threads and laces. When Sunehri returns, Ammi is on the floor.

Sunehri runs to Aliya for help but she’s as stone-hearted as she could be.

Rubab is throwing a party and forces Aahil to meet Irma, Tauqeer’s niece. Did you recognize who she is? Naeema Butt. The same girl who plays Ghazala in Ehd-e-Wafa.


Kamran Jilani as creepy, and cheapskate Shahabuddin as doing a fine job.

Until next review, remember in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar

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