Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 6

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Sinan tells her that he cannot afford to be with Nisan as she’s one hell of a trouble maker. I feel for you, bro! She is quite a handful.

When they reach home, nobody gives a damn about her. Fazil conveniently remembers that Sinan is not married. Upset, she goes to her apartment. Again, Dodo the dog starts to bark, telling us that there is someone creepy lingering around but we don’t know it yet.

The next morning, Fazil is back to addressing Nisan as his daughter in law. They go for breakfast, leaving Ayla behind because for Fazil, she’s a spy.

Sinan has to fix Nisan’s seatbelt.

Near kiss moment count = 1 (Total = 5)

Ayla and Berzan decide to meet for breakfast but Ayla finds a crying baby outside. Berzan comes to help calm the baby and Ayla. Then, they go out to get stuff for the baby and find the baby’s mother. Berzan offers her to work at the hospital, making Ayla swoon over him.

Nisan eats a lot, again, making Fazil doubt that she might be pregnant. Sinan and Nisan go out for a bike ride and she hurts herself. Ozge is upset to see Sinan helping her walk.

On the way back, they spot a road accident and help them by calling the ambulance and doing the initial check-up. Ozge gets restless in all this. Nisan is bearable only when she’s being a doctor.

The husband and wife duo from the road accident are quite an item. They both insist on finding the sex of the baby while the doctors refuse to say. The husband loses memory and doesn’t remember that he is married and is expecting a baby. Sinan uses her sharp tongue to convince the husband that he should be with his wife.

She helps the husband and woman reconcile as the wife gives birth to a baby girl. Awnnn!

Melik and Ansuman pretend to be a couple to be rid of Yildiz. It is very funny scene. However, Yildiz later finds out that Ansuman and Melik are not ex-spouses. She vows to make Melik pay for the trick

Fazil and Muqaddas have troubles with each other but finally they resolve their differences and are married.

There is the wedding party and Nisan makes a last minute entry to stun everyone.

After the party is over, Nisan takes everyone to attend her friends wedding. People are celebrating out in the open and everyone except Ozge. She asks Sinan to step away with her as Nisan fights other girls to catch the bouquet. She is successful. Now, she would want to show off to Sinan, who is talking to Ozge. Ozge kisses Sinan and that’s when Nisan spots them together. Haw!

Let’s wait for next episode to see how it goes between them – among them, as there are 3 parties involved at the moment.

Shabana Mukhtar