Umrah Diaries | Day 1

13th January 2020


This day is as crazy as it gets. In one day, I have been in 4 different cities. Nagpur, Mumbai, Jeddah and now Mecca. 

Here’s a quick sneak peek into my crazy schedule.

0:55 AM – Left home 

1:32 AM – Arrived at Nagpur airport: 

3:50 AM – Entered the airport 

4:12 AM – Security check-in 

4:45 AM – Walk to the gate and board 

 5:10 AM – Take off

6:19 AM – Land 

Let’s dive in for more details, shall we?

We landed late, like really late, like 40 minutes late. Deboaeding, immigration, using loo, offering Asr, collecting baggage, and counting the bags ten million times took another 50 minutes or so. When we stepped out, it was windy and another half a kilometre walk awaited us. But thankfully, the bus is comfortable. We left at 5:30. 

Arriving in Mecca

Check-in had to wait for an hour or so and then another hour waiting for the lift. I feel that every ounce of energy has been drained from my body.

Umrah started around 11:40 pm and completed around 2:30 am. We offered prayers and rested a bit.  It took us more than half an hour to reach the hotel.

Right now, I am sitting in my bed, wrapped within a quilt and waiting for Fajr azaan to be called, so I can pray and sleep till noon.

All of this is just a small part of it a big surreal experience. About 20 hours ago, I was a mere mortal who had not done anything in life. Right now, I have at least done one Umrah. 

As I type this, my dad’s voice ring in my hear, “but for you, Hajj is farz.” 

I know, dad. Insha’allah next year, because I need to accumulate enough leaves for Hajj. My current balance is zero. 

It was physically exhausting and emotionally overwhelming experience. Besides, I wanted to be in the zone. I did not click any pictures today. I will, insha’allah, when I go for Tawaf tomorrow. 

Prayers and love for all ummah. 

Shabana Mukhtar