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First up, check the cast and characters because I don’t include character profile while reviewing. Go here, and hurry back.

This roughly maps to episodes 1-3 of Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan, the urdu dubbed version of the series. If you’re looking for the urdu episode review, fret not. I have got you covered.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan 1

The episode opens with a very stylish man getting down from a private jet. Handsommmmmmmeeee! That’s Murat, our hero. He gets into a waiting car, driven by his friend and chauffeur Kerem.

Hayat and her two best friends Asli and Ipek live with her aunt Fadik. The episode begins as they wake up to the aroma of breakfast which reminds them of Hayat’s mother Emine. Emine has been sent by her father to bring her back to their village. Hayat must now find a job to stay in Istanbul.

At Sarte, Necat‘s friend Kamal asks a favour to give job to her daughter Suna. Suna is supremely talented and wants to spend her life with her boyfriend. He’s an ornithologist, but her father doesn’t know about it.

Hayat runs into Murat and they quarrel to get into the same cab. Love is in the air.

Tuval is struggling to complete the shoot with Didem. Didem is so self-obsessed; all she thinks of is herself, her look and her supposed relationship with Murat. Tuval doesn’t hesitate to break the bubble, not that it matters.

Suna and Hayat get into the elevator together but Suna chickens out, leaving her file behind. Hayat picks it up, because that’s what you do, right? Murat’s assistant Cagla needs an assistant and she doesn’t even listen to Hayat. Hayat is mistaken for Suna and desperate that she is, she doesn’t clarify and plays along.

Hayat also runs into Murat and talks rubbish, not knowing that he’s the man she will be working for. Trope jumps in, and the lift is stuck. Murat hugs her to calm her. Awnnn!

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan 2

Doruk is typical younger brother who teases Murat by calling Didem to the bar. Didem then follows him to his house.

The girls meets and discuss if she should meet Suna and clear out the misunderstanding. Asli suggests to tell the truth and Ipek suggests to go ahead with lie – stealing identity, really? The girls then spend stupid amount of time to select an outfit for Hayat. Hayat meets Necat but he doesn’t really knows Suna by face so things go well. The problem is when she meets Murat. That smug smile and that shocked expression, priceless.

I have seen several romantic comedies but this is the most adorable and most good looking couple I have seen on screen. Made for each other. I was heartbroken to know they aren’t real life couple.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan 3

Derya is always pitting Murat and Doruk, typical stepmother. But the bros stand strong for each other.

Hayat rants about Murat in front of Doruk, funny scene. Murat asks Hayat to organize the archives.

Suna tries to tell her father that she doesn’t want to work at Sarte. That’s when Suna finds out that something is fishy.

She arrives at Sarte. Murat calls for Suna and real Suna and fake Suna respond at once. Will Hayat’s lie be revealed? Let’s wait will next episode.

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