Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 23 | Divorce on the Horizon?


It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 23, that aired on June 25, 2020. 


Mansoora isn’t happy about Abdullah’s decision but she doesn’t interfere with the matter, either. On the other hand, Sarwar’s mother is quite assertive and challenges that he wouldn’t get Mahjabeen, either. But the way, Sarwar was once after Lalarukh, Abdullah’s phupho. So, we know that Sarwar is unreliable.

Washma’s boyfriend Hassamn is bringing his parents home so Lalarukh and Washma come home. Washma confronts Abdullah and Lalarukh confronts Mansoora. Result? Tain Tain Fish. Zilch. Nothing. Both Mansoora and Abdullah have conveniently forgotten how Shanzey behaved with Abdullah when he proposed her first.

Hassam’s father is very chatora. It was hilarious as he stuffed food in his mouth nonstop.

Mahjabeen is constantly questioning her inability to sustain her marriage; Seema is perpetually distressed about her condition and Munshi strives hard to keep his calm. 

What can the poor man do? He tries to talk to Mansoora who’s blinded by Sarwar’s faux love. I had thought that she has seen Sarwar’s real face. She tells Munshi that divorce is on the way.

The two men stand face to face again and Sarwar almost threatens to kill him just so he would marry Mahjabeen. Yuck! The bitter truth of poverty and helplessness.

Seema and Munshi discuss their worries and Mahjabeen tries to keep a bold face. Later, she calls Abdullah and begs him to keep the marriage. Poor girl. Yumna is so good and the writers have detailed out her character really well.

The best scene is when Washma yells at Abdullah in his office. Well done, Srha Asghar!

23 episodes in and the drama is stretching like elastic. Don’t you think?

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