Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 20

Heshmet proposes Mrs Azime.  Awnnn! Tuwal helps the love birds.

All about the jealousy. Hazal, Murat’s supposed sister even though neither he nor Doruk trust Hazal. He asks for his mother’s tomb but Hazal takes him to an unnamed grave.

After a cat and mouse game, hayat decides to leave him because Murat refuses to tell her the truth. She leaves a million posters on the walls in his room,.living room, everywhere. Azime stops her and brings her home.

The wedding bands scene was so fun.

Hashmet finds out and barges in to take Hayat with him but Murat comes just in time. That is resolved but Azime blood pressure shoots worrying the entire family.

Mow Murat and hayat will live there until Azime gets better (or get married, wink wink).  Hashmet has written to her every day but Azime never got any letter.

Necat decides to divorce Derya.

Ipek is pregnant. Also finds out about Hazal and the girls gang up on hazel until she tells Murat is her brother. Hayat’s heart melts and she hugs Murat confusing him. Dinner is ruined because of derya who talks shit about hashmet and Azime. Oke good thing comes out of it..Murat kisses her to show how he truly feels about her. Hazal asks for 200k from Murat strengthening his doubts about her. Mr tamer the detective tells him that hazel is an imposter.

Murat asks Hayat to make dinner for him in their house and he will tell everything.

But Hazal fools Hayat and Hayat gives her the money, shitload of it. Murat learns about this and Hayat learns about the lie just when Hazal gets away.

Haw! What not? Our girl Hayat is brave, so she chases Hazal, and Murat chases Hayat to a hospital where Hazal is about to take the discharged patient. Who’s the patient, you ask? Mrs Leila, Murat’s mother. The whole unraveling the secret patient was so dramatic, so dramatic and slow motion that I almost broke my phone..

Anyway, more drama to unfold. Off to watch the next episode.

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