Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 21

Murat sees them but they leave in the waiting taxi. Hazal was Leila’s nurse who battled alcoholism.

Murat and hayat fight again and hayat comes home but Murat joins the family for dinner. They spend the night in the balcony where he tells her how much he misses his mom. Drink Leila also calla him.

Tuval resigns owing to Murat’s ride behaviour and he doesn’t stop her either. And, he bosses hayat to come home and wear the ring. That was so romantic but oh so very wrong.

Sirselmaz family brings Kerim’s proposal for Ipek. The girls show tantrums to Murat because they know. So they confront in her room and she tells him how hurt she is.

Back at Sirselmaz house, Leila comes to see Murat and who greets her? Derya. Suddenly Derya seems like the lesser evil. Huh, funny. Never thought I would say that.

Leila is hit by a car. When Murat learns about it, Hayat wants to come with him to the hospital but he says: no need.