Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 24

Kerem has cold feet delaying the party so tuval suggestion Murat asks hayat for a dance and what a sensuous dance it is – angry, passionate, slow burning and sensuous. This fairytale will end when I did he says and leaves the party.

Ipek is angry at Murat for ruining the party. But as usual hayat’s problem is more pressing.

Hazal has disappeared so she’s not dead. Like this twist. Leila has someone to be scared of.

Kerem is locked out of his house and comes to Ipek’s house.

Hayat is worried about Murat because nobody is answering her phone..emine let’s her go and meet him in the middle of the night hoping things would be better. She beats him like a madwoman, pillow fights millions of cute moments and the couple calls truce. Azime locks them inside.

Another cutr fights ensues. Before you get too hopeful, she remembers what he did “be my wife” and then cold war resumes. They still wake up holding hands. Awnnn!

Kerim is caught and hashmet punches him then ties him to his bed so he wouldn’t meet Ipek. Hehe.

Derya seems like a better person now. She enjoys the cookies that Azime backed.. hashmet brings the family and music band to propose Azime officially. They tease hayat and Murat to start a family. Leila wears Derya’s clothes and things turn sour again.

Aarte owes some money and the lender confiscated everything. Murat punches the man to fix the situation. Our man is so macho I cannot even imagine this shit happening in real life. By the way it’s all emre’s doingz I think.

Despite that, Murat remembers to be nice to haytaa when she calls for dinner. They fight over the boundary that hayat creates on the bed.

Tuval suggests hayat to have a baby. Will she change her mind?

Hashmet gives kerem money to organise their honeymoon, hashmet’s I meant.

Emre has not only betrayed Murat but also plans a scandal by taking hayat to a secluded place where a photographer captures them. More trouble on the way for the couple. Emre has taken hayat’s design to rivals. Love Vs success? What would Hayat choose? She chooses Murat. Your dreams will come true. Why is she hiding about emre is beyond me. Emre sends the photos to Murat. Will he believe hayat or the photos? He believes the photos. Man trust your woman.

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