Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 97

Derya meets Asli at the hospital and tells her that Doruk is marrying someone else. Doruk however promises that he will never marry any other girl.

Hayat and Murat return, Leyla tells the truth that she remembers everything and about . She asks Murat to find his younger brother. That scene when Murat breaks down will punch you in the gut and will keep you weeping for hours.
Hayat tells emre that she stands with Murat but Murat finds emre’s hidden gift. He recalls hayat’s weird behaviour. Ab to jhagda hoga. Aur jhagda hua. A loud and lengthy fight but eventually Murat wins as in Hayat concedes to his anger.

Orya the maid knows Derya’s hand in the matter. Will she tell Hayat?

Ipek finds about 10000 lire. Fadik and Emine resolve their differences.

Shabana Mukhtar