Emergency Love | Episode 68

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A poor patient comes to the hospital. He doesn’t have insurance or money to pay for the bills. Berzan asks the nurse to treat the case urgently. Ayla doesn’t like this.

I agree with Berzan and Sinan. Ayla is too strict. She writes a complaint about him, realizes her mistake but one of the files fall down. Their professional tiff will impact their personal relationship. What do you think?

Sinan and Nisan have another weird patient – they always get the weird patients. This time it is a couple of classmates Salaar and Zainep and Salaar gets his hand stuck to Zainep’s head. Her rowdy boyfriend has also accompanied.

They give her a haircut. Why didn’t they send her off to a salon?

Nisan again interferes with the trio and gives Salaar free advice.

With short hair, her boyfriend would probably dumps her. Good riddance.

Let’s see if the next episode answers some of these questions.

Shabana Mukhtar