Roundup | March 2020

This has been an extra-ordinary month. The world, as we know it, has changed.

COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we live. I try to see the silver lining in this dark cloud; and what better way to recognize and celebrate small achievements.

This is a recap of March 2020.

Posts published: 111

I read a lot, so several book reviews were posted. Then, there are my lockdown journal entries. I am bored and stressed, and I write to kill both.

Words written: 0

I did not get time to work on any manuscript.

Books reviewed: 13

Book Review | DIL SE NIKLAY HAIN JO LAFZ | By Farhat Ishtiaq

Book Review | BOMBAY DUCK IS A FISH | Kanika Dhillon

Book Review | KHWAB SHEESHE KA | Iffat Sehar Tahir

Book Review | JO BACHE HAIN SANG SAMAIT LO | By Farhat Ishtiaq

Book Review | THE BOYFRIEND PLOT | Stella Wilkinson

Book Review: HEEREY KI KAAN (Jasoosi Duniya #13 By Ibn-e-Safi)

Book Review | NA MALOOM SCIENCEDAAN | Ishtiaq Ahmed

Book Review: TIJOARI KA GEET (Jasoosi Duniya #14 By Ibn-e-Safi)

Book Review | WO IK AISA SHAJAR HO | By Farhat Ishtiaq

Book Review | THE FLIRTING GAMES | Stella Wilkinson

Book Review | JUNOON THHA KI JUSTUJU | By Farhat Ishtiaq

Book Review | MAIN ABDUL QADIR HOON | Sarwat Nazeer

Book Review | HE LOVES ME NOT | Lexy Timms

How was March for you? How are you holding up in lockdown?

Shabana Mukhtar

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