Emergency Love | Episode 91


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Berzan buys a bouquet (worth 200, ah the generosity) and chases the bus which has taken Ayla towards the airport. She yells at him, again, but then…

Sinan is about to propose Nisan, happy with Abidin for the first time. Nisan heads to the washroom and guess who’s waiting for her? Goon man Kinan. This time she doesn’t have her phone. But our girl is smart, even though she’s annoying. She leaves her mask behind near the loo.

Sinan sees Kinan holding a gun to him. He has chained Nisan. What’s his story? Kinan believes that Nisan has killed his fiancé. The truth? His violence had killed his fiancé. Anyway.

Kinan throws her with heavy weights tied to her, so Sinan cannot help her from drowning.

Shabana Mukhtar