Emergency Love | Episode 92


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Sinan and Nisan are getting married. Before Sinan could say yes, Sinan’s mother barges in. By the way, Ayla isn’t with Berzan. Whatever happened to them?

This is yet another montage of all their moments together. There is a time leap. Nisan’s voiceover tells us that Sinan saved him, proposed him and now his mother is objecting to the marriage. Was that a dream or just her imagination?

  • What happened to Kinan?
    Where are Ayla and Berzan?
    Why is Abidin working as a security guard at the hospital?
    Argh, very confused about this episode.
  • The next scene shows Nisan and Sinan fighting because Sinan hasn’t told his mother about Nisan.

New characters are introduced in the episode, even though the plots about old characters isn’t clear.

  • Sinan’s mother
    Nisan’s friend Zeynep
    Another broke doctor Uzair

Let’s see if next episode clears my questions.

Shabana Mukhtar