İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 10

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Let’s get started with the review of 10th episode.

Plot Summary and My Commentary

Now that Can has announced he wants to be with Elif, things are weird between them.

The next morning they argue again. We can see that Can is hurting to hear that Aysegul is meeting Murat. He lies that abiding by the contract, she doesn’t have to tell him. In turn, it hurt Aysegul.

Murat offers Aysegul to write a movie script based on the perfect story that Aysegul has written. Of course, he takes her out for lunch, for celebration. Isn’t he tired of celebrating stuff? I know, he just needs an excuse to be with her. Our heroine is very sweet and pretty. Aysegul admits to him that their marriage is fake and that she’s signed the contract for three years. In other words, she is willing to give Murat a try.

Can is eagerly waiting for Aysegul and acts like a crazy man in love. Bro, get your acts together. Pick one – Elif or Aysegul?

Murat talks to Candan and offers the movie to Can on condition of anonymity.

Candan also gets an ad offer for Madiha and Aysegul. The shoot is so funny. It is one of the best scenes in the drama. And, I insist you must watch it. Another fun scene is when Can imagines Aysegul’s life once she becomes famous.

Elif tells Aysegul that she can wait for Can as long as it takes. Aysegul, as usual, is upset but takes it in her stride. I am in love with this girl.

Can is doing everything to annoy Aysegul from calling her names to ordering her around but Aysegul doesn’t react, not one bit. Soon, Can realizes that he is pushing her a bit too much. Can is all sweet and caring for her but why does he have to love Elif?

Elif is crazy and she has shopped for Can. She has assumed that he will stay with her. Yeah, right!

After shoot, Aysegul comes back and Can asks her if she will miss him when he moved away. She says no. The cat-and-mouse game continues.

Can plans an elabotate meal for her, as she goes out with Murat to celebrate the script. Aysegul comes with Murat and sees well decorated house with tiny lamps and a word on the garden “sorry”.

Can is sleeping on the couch. Out under the dark skies and beautifully lit staircase, they talk.

She enjoys Can’s arrangements but she asks for divorce. Ha!

Can refuses to divorce her.Not just that, she confesses her love, too. Way to go girl! And what a cliffhanger to end the episode with.

Can’t wait to watch 11th episode.

Shabana Mukhtar