İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 11

Alright, let’s begin with review of İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 11. For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.


Aysegul returns the ring to Can. Can is confused to hear her confess her love for him, because he cannot reciprocate her feeling. Poor chap! But Aysegul’s tears would turn you into a cry baby.

Elif leaks the news regarding Can’s marriage being fake. The guy in turns calls to confirm with Murat, who denies it and forbids from disclosing it to anyone. Too late, no?

Handan is in a soup because Murat does not want to reveal his name and Can would not sign the contract until he knows the producer’s name. That’s not all. The contract binds Can for 2 years – he cannot work elsewhere in that duration. But, he has to relent, because they have no other work for Can.

Aysegul buys the tea she so loves and it supposedly helps better the depression. As luck would have it, the herbs are switched at the shop and sheby mistake she gets the herbs to stay young. Both Can and Aysegul drink the tea, which is some sort of aphrodisiac. Both lock themselves in their rooms. They are so scared that they lock their rooms and throw the keys in the garden.

How does it end? Both are locked in their rooms without keys. When Can jumps out of the window to find keys, Elif comes to meet him.  She pesters him again to move in. The single day he is spends with her, she already tells him that she has plans to change him.

The world is divided in two parts – one who wants them separate and other who wants them together. It helps that some of those in the second category are influential (Ismail and Handan) and make things change for good.

Ismail, for example, offers to move in with them. Handan, being the nice manager and a thorough professional, explains the gravity of the situation to Aysegul making her understand and change her mind about divorce.

The episode ends as both of them are sitting at the stairs and she confesses her love for him.


I don’t what it is about Aysegul, she is the best heroine in all the rom-coms I have been watching. Nam Da-jung from Prime Minister and I  comes second after a sobering distance. And, then there is Min-june from Seducing Mr Perfect (I am yet to review this one).

Want to know top 3 othe worst heroine of a rom-com? Nisan, Nisan and Nisan (from Acil Ask Araniyor). That girl is annoying, like really really annoying.

Enough ranting. Off I go to review the next episode. Keep visiting!

Shabana Mukhtar