İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 16

Hello peeps, I am back with my review of İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 16 (Relationship Status: Complicated).

For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

This episode roughly transaltes to part of episode 39 and continues to first half of episode 42 of Urdu dubbed Main Ayeshagul.


(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 39)

So, Can has signed the papers, Aysegul is crying her eyes out and Murat is desperately trying to reach to Aysegul. What else could go wrong?

Wait, Elif, that’s what would go wrong. She falls from the stairs and falls unconcious. Sahi, just what she deserves.

The security man comes to Murat’s house, “your guest is unconcious.”

Murat is a thorough gentleman and takes good care of Elif. Elif is just as confused as Can and she begins to be all doe-eyed around Murat. AGAIN? You ask. *sigh*

Is Aysegul happy that Can has signed the papers? No. The woman secretly hoped that he’d refuse to sign. Girl, even I cannot understand what you want and I am a woman. How would, Can, a man, decipher your cryptics wants and desires?

He cannot, so he does what a man can do best-rash drive and crash at Hassan’s boat. Hassan tries to knock some sense in his head, Can continues to act like a baby.

You don’t need contract to love, you dumbo!

That scene when he pretends to leave but Hassan stops him, is small but endearing. There is a reason I ship Aysegul and Can, and not Murat. Can is cute and funny, Murat is not.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 40)

Aysegul and Can are present before the family court for divorce. The judge asks them once again, if they indeed want to divorce. That look on Can’s face, it will just break your heart.

She faints and Can lifts her to take her to the doctor but Aysegul doesn’t talk to her, does not even look at her. This time she’s hurt real bad.

But, it is only us – the viewers who feel bad. Madiha is in full celebration mode upon their divorce.

Aysegul wants to be alone but Efe and Ece insist that they accompany her. Alone, in her home after a long time, she starts to feel lonely and imagines how her life would turn out if the contract was for 55 years. Haha!


She can’t sleep and Can comes to meet her. She throws his stuff outside, even though he confesses his love for her. Now, she’s just taking revenge.

Can spends the night on the bench (just like Aysegul used to do). That works, Aysegul is all caring for him. She says: “go inside, shower, change, eat… and then leave.”


Murat has another job for Aysegul, in his own company, of course.

Aysegul doesn’t accept the offer. She returns home, worried about Can. She isn’t alone. The entire world is looking for Can – Handan, Efe, Madiha. I like Aysegul’s savage reply to Handan.

Madiha also comes to her house to get Can.

Where is Can?

He is recommending Aysegul for job in a big publishing house. Let’s do a collective “awnnn”. That’s really sweet.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 41)

Can and Aysegul both cannot seem to get over their married life. The good memories are just too many.

What is Aysegul’s job? To wear a bunny costume to entertain kids. The pay is lucrative and the costume is funny, so she has to agree.

Can is also a bear. And, in that crowded mall, he seeks apology though Aysegul expects a proposal. It irks her, again. At this point, what else is new?

Can falls sick and calls Efe to bring some help. Elif overhears his conversation and follows him to Can’s hiding place.

Aysegul doesn’t pay any heed to Efe’s concerns about Can. Back in the village, Elif is taking care of Can quite well.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 42)

Madiha and Ismail are on their way to see Can and the car breaks down. That scene only adds to the hilarity of this episode.

Aysegul also comes to see him. She claims to take care of him only because he had done the same when she was unwell. That’s not true. Is it? They both feel for each other. The damn ego.

Not surprisingly, Elif also comes with the doctor. To avoid the clash between the two women, Can locks Aysegul in the out-house.

Aysegul isn’t tame, so she starts the tractor to get out of the locked house. The tractor breaks the wooden door and she escapes but cannot seem to stop the tractor. Can freaks out, and Elif in turn turns blue with envy. Sigh!


With each episode, this drama is getting more interesting. Now that Aysegul and Can are divorced, I wonder how they will get back together.

Shabana Mukhtar