İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 6

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Let’s get started with the review of sixth episode.

Plot Summary and My Commentary

Efe and Ece try to blackmail Aysegul and Can for a job. But Aysegul threatens to report the property fraud to police. Finally, she settles in giving Efe a job in return of 30% of his salary. Quite a bargainer, isn’t she?

Elif is asking Can again and again to meet him. Just leave him alone. He is married. When he meets her, she asks all sorts of weird questions. Are you too friendly with her? Does she make you laugh? Do you spend a lot of time with her? Seriously, she’s married. But, Can doesn’t mind so who am I to object. Moving on!

Aysegul and Can fight again, as usual and she promises to keep her mouth shut and use paper and pen to communicate. That would be great, ma’am. Can agrees, wholeheartedly. And, then orders her to do the dishes before she sleeps. Some boss slash husband he is.

Madiha hires a man to scandalise Aysegul and eventually get rid of her.
The man tries to pretend to be a lover so his assistant can click some compromising pictures. Aysegul starts beating him up and other women joins. That’s not the fun part. The fun begins when Murat comes to meet her and the women now beat him. Hilarious!

The meeting ends when Murat gives tips to Aysegul on how the female protagonist, supposedly of her story, can stand apart from the crowd who lists after the hero.

Ismail and Madiha attend an exhibition. The goons also arrive to share the pictures which are nothing but a glimpse of the beating that he got from women.

Mediha asks Aysegul to buy a stupid painting for Can, just so Can would be angry at her again.

After an eventful dinner and sharing stories about Can’s lost wedding ring,
Aysegul spends the night at Can’s parents’ hoise, in his room and gets to know him better. Can, on the other hand, is worried sick.

One thing I like about the drama is things that Can or Aysegul imagine about future. Absolutely hilarious.

Shabana Mukhtar