Ishqiya | Episode 25

Amidst extremely loud background music, Hamza arrives home to find a card at the side table. Now the daddy-to-be cannot upset the mom-to-be, right?

Azeem is being all angry old man so Hamna says: dude, I cannot take it anymore. I will tell Rumi everything.

She then meets Kiran, her loyal and wise friend. Kiran tells her that Azeem might be unreasonable right now, but he truly loves you; else he would have kicked her out. Ummm, that doesn’t give him a reason to be an arse.

Hamna learns about the “good news” through Saman whereas Hamza tells Azeem.
Don’t ruin it for us, bro,” he says.

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.

Azeem now cares more about Rumi and her unborn baby. There’s a baby shower and Hamza meets Rumi. Will she tell her or just be there for the party? I hope she doesn’t be a spoil sport.

Hamza also hopes that Azeem forgives him. Kyu bhai? I mean, apni baari to you were all revenge, revenge, revenge.
I don’t think Azeem or Hamna will say anything. But Alishba…

That’s right. She breaks the news to Rumi, with full details.

Ap bolo?

Will next episode be the last? I really hope so.

Shabana Mukhtar